Harrison & Sylvia Part Four

Last month we witnessed one of Harrison’s mad scientist moments, while he was studying a relic. This month the spotlight shifts back to Sylvia, who last we saw saved the life of her employer, pouncing on the would-be assassin. It turned out that the man was irate over what the king did to his sibling. And when the dust settled from the attempt, the king ordered the man’s execution.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Four

Responding to Kameron’s summons, an aggravated Sylvia goes to see her employer. Upon her arrival, a jovial Kameron informs her that he will be hosting a grand gala for the people of his kingdom. Sylvia instantly argues that given his current standing Kameron should reconsider this extravagant display of wealth. He dismisses her concerns demanding that she does what she is paid to do. Begrudgingly she consents to keep him alive despite his foolishness.

Knowing that she has a lot to prepare and far too little time to do it, Sylvia instantly begins chasing down whispers. She also realizes just how ill-equipped she is to handle her employer’s recent challenge, so she decides to rectify that issue. Accordingly, one of her stops is a friend, who can help her but that help always comes at a price.

Part Four

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