Harrison & Sylvia Part Six

Last month Harrison followed his familial duties and thanks to the influence of his friend, Lucas Roth. As with any duty, Harrison could not escape it for long. This month we shift to Sylvia, who is now dealing with the fallout of her employer’s demands.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Six

Despite searching the entire city, Sylvia finds nothing aside from the ever-present resentment of Kameron. Yet the stubborn king remains adamant about having his celebration. And Sylvia still sees it as a foolish celebration, only now she sees the time for preparation over. All Sylvia can do now is shift her focus from information gathering to prevention.

She collects her equipment form Gregor, and then she seeks a way to protect her employer from himself. Will she be able to safeguard Kameron from the course he chose? Or has her fear only been exaggerated by the countless whispers of hatred?

Part Six

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