Art Roundup, week of December 13th

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up my stylus and started making some doodles. While they are fun to make, I wanted to learn how to make a marble design. With that desire entrenched in my mind, I turned to YouTube and explored the vast collection of videos on the subject. After going through a handful of videos, I started working with the liquify tool, and I’m excited about creating these organic pieces. While I’ve added the liquify tool to my arsenal, I’ll continue using and mastering the tools I’ve already added. To that end, in addition to the doodles, I made a couple of nameplates. Click on any image below to get a better look at the work.

Liquified Clouds 0101

Liquified Clouds 0102

Enspelled Well



Liquified Clouds 0103

Liquified Clouds 0104


Liquified Clouds 0105

Liquified Clouds 0106