Harrison & Sylvia, Part One

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Part One
“Yes, sire,” Quentin replied in a weak tone.

Once more the king clapped his attendant’s back saying, “Let’s go, Quentin. We have important things to accomplish.”

Without another word, the king spun on his heels and began walking through the audience chamber. The two were within a couple paces of the ornate throne when an armed stranger stood up from behind the throne and cried out, “For family!”

Before either Kameron or Quentin could react, a large black feline creature pounced from up in the rafters, driving the man into the floor. And the sheer suddenness of the action caused Quentin to cry out in terror. And as the attendant was turning around to flee towards the king’s private chamber, Kameron drew himself up to his full height and addressed the large black feline, “Sylvia, you are terrifying my attendant. Can you please explain exactly what you are doing?”

The black feline creature twisted its head up and towards the king locking her pale blue eyes upon the royal’s own. While the two stood there in silence neither willing to break first, Quentin pulled himself together as he tried to regain control of his emotions. When the creature refused to look away from the king, anger began to fill him as he stalked towards the blue-eyed creature. But before Kameron could close the distance, the beast eventually started to back away from the throne and then bowed its head in prostration before Kameron.

The king wanted none of that, “Sylvia, I’ve had a trying day. Now explain yourself.”

The black feline picked up her head, and in that instant, the creature’s body began to shrink as it began to stand up on its hind legs. And the muzzle that was terrifying a moment ago started to morph into the face of a beautiful woman. A moment later there was no trace of the feline creature, only a woman with platinum blond hair and the same pale blue eyes.

Once she had fully assumed the shape of a woman, she spoke to the king with a tone, while respectful, belied the aggression behind the words. “Saving your life, Kameron. You should really learn how to handle these petitions. Quentin is right, you should appoint someone to handle them for you.”

“Sylvia watch your tone!”

“Kameron, did you hear what he said?”

“He said something about family,” Quentin replied hesitantly.

“He did, you might want to figure out who Kameron had slighted,” Sylvia said to the attendant. “But now Kameron, come over here and see what was waiting for you.”

The annoyance that had blossomed in Kameron’s face had only intensified, but she chose to ignore it and quietly waited for Kameron to oblige her. So after another few moments, Kameron let out an explosive sigh and walked to the throne. He saw the thwarted assassin unconscious at the foot of the throne, “Quentin come examine this man.”
“Yes, sire.”

While Quentin began his examination, he spoke to Sylvia. He couldn’t keep all of his frustration from his voice. “Couldn’t you have taken care of that with just a little more discretion, Sylvia?”

Sylvia sighed then spoke to the king with a mock injury filling her voice, “And not allow you to see that I am worth your investment.”

“I know you are worth the investment, my dear, but only when you are discreet. Otherwise, there is no point in your services.”

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