Harrison & Sylvia, Part One

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Part One
“No one was here to see the attempt. Thus discretion is satisfied,” Sylvia answered with a curt bow.

Placing his hands on his hips, the king struggled, to keep the annoyance from coloring his words. “Sylvia, you need to be more discrete.”

But Sylvia was not interested in discussing the events further, and so she turned away and began walking away as she said, “Have a good day, Kameron.” And before the king could reply to her abruptness, she spun on her heels and leaped for the wall. By the time she landed on the ledge, her body once again transformed, back into the form of a giant back feline animal. She quickly continued to the rafters disappearing into the shadows and supports of the roof.

Finally calm, Quentin walked up to Kameron and tapped his lord’s shoulder asking, “Sire, what was that?”

With a wry smile creeping across his face, Kameron answered, “That Quentin was Sylvia, the best protection in all the kingdoms.”

The king turned his attention to the limp body on the floor saying, “She keeps me safe, and she is quite skilled at that responsibility, though I wish she were just a tad more discrete in how she manages to protect me.” He shook his head, gently as gestured towards the body asking, “Do you recognize this man?”

Quentin stood up from the unconscious body, “If my memory serves me I believe he is related to a man you imprisoned at a previous petition.”


“The faces are similar, and there was only one petitioner today who wanted to speak to you about family.”

Kameron nodded at the news, “Well it looks like he will join his brother for a time.”

“Yes, sire.”

“Quentin, have one of the mages search the body. I would like to know precisely what allowed our friend here to past my guards.”

“Yes, my lord,” Quentin replied.

Just before Quentin reached the far door, Kameron called out to his attendant, “Then arrange for his execution first thing in the morning.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Lifting his head from the man on the floor Kameron spoke to his attendant with absolute clarity. “Oh, and Quentin, make sure the execution is very public. People need to know this kind of action will not be tolerated.”

With a nod, Quentin forced his response, “Yes, sire.” He then dashed out of the room and spoke with the first pair of guards he could find. One remained to secure the assassin while the other promptly began searching for one of the king’s wizards. Quentin then went about scheduling the man’s execution.

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