Harrison & Sylvia, Part Two

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Part Two
Harrison had spent years working to build his laboratory, he managed to capture all of the pieces he needed one at a time. This room existed solely to indulge his mind’s attempts at tinkering. He rarely cared about what he was working on, as long as it was something that challenged him. Today he was working with some scraps of metal, trying to work them into something useful, when his father entered addressing him, “And what exactly are you doing in here today, son?”

Harrison steeled himself as he kept his eyes upon the metal scraps in his hands. He bit his lower lip, rather than say something that would have enraged his father. After he took in a single deep breath, Harrison answered, “I am trying to create something that will be very useful for the family, father.” As soon as his enthusiasm left his mouth, he knew it had been a mistake.

His words hung in the air and Harrison could hear his father crossing his arms across his chest. It was so quiet in the room that he could actually hear that slight motion. But still, Harrison kept his eyes upon his work, so his father sighed and spoke at his eldest son with a sternness that he had not used in a very long time. “No Harrison, you’re in this room yet again wasting your time.”


“No, you should be learning how to care for your birthright, Harrison, not spend your days doing…” Harrison’s father furrowed his eyes as he waved his hands towards the pieces that littered his son’s desk. “Whatever it is you do here.”


“Harrison, I said no.” The master of the manor let his arms fall down to his sides. “I will no longer tolerate you wasting your time with all of this nonsense.”

Harrison tried to quell his brimming anger with a few well-chosen words. “But father…”

But with a swipe of his left hand, Harrison’s father silenced the thought and delivered his ultimatum. “No, Harrison, I will not listen to any more of your excuses. You will either devote yourself to your true future, or you’ll leave my home immediately.”

Harrison sat there in stunned silence trying to understand his father’s decree. His hands had stopped their work, and the pieces of metal began to tetter in his slackening fingers. He sat there gazing down at those fragments for what felt like hours, and finally, the scraps of metal tumbled from his fingers to the table and bounced slightly. One rebounded right off the table and clattered upon the floor. He tried to force words out of his mouth, but his stunned mouth refused to respond until the echo from the scraps died away. Even then he was only able to force a couple of words, “Father… What…”

However, shaking his head slowly Harrison’s father spoke over his son’s words bluntly, “Harrison, I’ve let you indulge yourself in this nonsense long enough. I will no longer let you waste your time or mine with this foolishness. You will either dismiss it or leave never to return.”


“Enough,” Harrison’s father cried out as he walked over to the workbench where he picked up the scrap of metal his son had been working on. He tossed it carelessly back upon his son’s workbench before he continued his ultimatum. “You will give me your answer by tomorrow morning.” He placed his left hand on his son’s shoulder and forced him to look into his eyes before he finished his thought. “Think about your choice very carefully, son. Either way, there will be no going back.”

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