Harrison & Sylvia, Part Two

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Part One
After his father left Harrison sat at his workbench and wondered what he was going to do, but he couldn’t think of anything with his father’s ultimatum looming over him. Sometime later Harrison shook his head and decided that he needed to clear his mind and think. So he walked out of his laboratory and began aimlessly strolling the corridors of the villa letting his mind wander. Harrison walked without a destination in mind, he just needed to process everything that had happened. He eventually looked at the walls surrounding him and found one of the many beautiful tapestries that hung there. He dismissed the sight and kept walking letting his eyes go from one masterwork to the next until one captured his attention. He took a couple of steps away from the tapestry and studied the picture that stared back at him. Pulling from deep within his memory the scene was some significant event in his family’s history, not that he could remember exactly what it was. Which he supposed was one of the reasons his father had given him the ultimatum.

As far as Harrison was concerned, he didn’t have to know the history to be able to appreciate the beauty of the worked image. Then he realized that if he didn’t bend to his father’s will, Harrison had no idea what he would do to survive. But he was adamant not to follow in his father’s footsteps. Their relationship had gone from bad to worse after his mother’s death. While she was alive, she was always able to diffuse their arguments with a few soft words. But now Harrison and his father couldn’t seem to go a day without falling into a heated debate about how he was living his life.

Despite the new ultimatum, Harrison didn’t have the temperament to do what his father wanted. With that thought, a smile flooded across his face. Unfortunately, the momentary pleasure lasted for a single moment before the seriousness of his situation flooded back into him. Harrison shook his head and turned around and began walking to one of the few rooms that tempted him to take up his birthright, the relic room.

Relics enflamed his passions, they were objects of incredible age and held power that far outstripped anyone’s understanding, at least the ones that people knew how to operate. Over the past several generations his family had managed to collect a fair number of these relics, thanks to their wealth and influence. Harrison loved to spend days upon days studying those objects of power. Which in turn sparked an insatiable desire to learn precisely what each of those ancient devices did and how they were able to accomplish what they were able to.

As he drew closer to their location, Harrison quickened his pace his excitement growing. He knew each of the relics intimately after spending most of his adult life scrutinizing them, but he was no closer to figuring out how any of them worked. When Harrison entered the corridor leading to the relic room, he saw the ever-present guard and slowed his pace to a walk. Harrison unconsciously began studying the guard’s face, and as he drew closer, he realized that he didn’t know this particular guard. Yet the stranger quickly smiled as he greeted his lord’s eldest son, “Hello Harrison, what are you doing here today?”

Harrison narrowed his eyes at the unknown guard, who was growing uneasy at the scrutiny, and asked him, “Who are you?”

The guard seemed to relax ever so slightly at the question flashing Harrison a friendly smile. He turned around and removed one of the torches from the wall and offered it to Harrison as he answered the question, “The name is Gregory, Harrison.”

“Hello Gregory, but I don’t know you. Why are you here?” Harrison asked with a very skeptical eye as he shied away from the offered torch.

The guard’s smile shifted slightly to take on a wry appearance, Gregory shrugged his shoulder as he renewed his offer of the torch to Harrison. But the young nobleman once again backed away from the offered torch, so Gregory answered the question. “There is no reason you should know me, Harrison. I’m new to your father’s employment.”

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