Harrison & Sylvia, Part Two

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Part One
When Harrison opened his eyes, he saw the sphere reflected in one of the mirrors that lined the walls of the room. And for the first time, he realized just how much light was actually filling the room. He reached out and tapped the glyph extinguishing the sphere’s light and watched as the light dimmed more than it should have. Harrison smiled widely as a new idea sparked in his mind. He quickly began to care for that spark helping it burst into a small flame of understanding. He tapped the glyph again, and the light bloomed back into the room, causing his smile to widen.

He rushed to the door and poked his head out and looked at Gregory and asked, “Actually Gregory I changed my mind, can I see that torch?”

“Yes,” Gregory said passing the torch to Harrison.

With the torch in hand, Harrison walked back into the relic room and right up to one of the mirrors. He placed the torch in front of the mirror and just like when the room grew brighter with the stone’s light, the room began to glow more than it should have with the addition of the torch alone. That small flicker of understanding instantly burst into flames, as the idea seared through his mind. He let it build feeding those fledgling flames with new pieces of information. It might be impossible to truly recreate any of these relics, but Harrison realized he might be able to simulate the effect of this one.

With a broad smile plastered upon his face, the young lord spun around and raced out ensuring that Gregory took hold of the torch before dashing back to his other sanctuary, his laboratory. He thought he had a way to secure the life he wanted. He was going to create something that would simulate the effects of the sphere that his father called a lighting globe.

As soon as he entered his laboratory, he began collecting the items he needed to craft his simulation of the sphere. Once he had a small glass container, several thin sheets of metal, lamp oil and some other scraps he began working. As he began to polish the second sheet of metal his father’s ultimatum rushed back into his mind causing his hands to falter in their work. As his hands refused to work, Harrison sat in silence as he thought over the ultimatum. He didn’t know if his father would accept this compromise, but he had no idea what else he could do.

He had to stay in his family’s home where there so many resources available to him here, but he would never take his father’s mantle. Looking down at the metal sheet he had been working on, he bit his lip as the determination behind his eyes grew firmer. He ran his fingers along the cold metal surface, and eventually, he remembered what had spurned him to start this project and immediately resumed working.

Harrison hunched over his materials with renewed vigor and proceeded to work for hours without pause. He continued to carefully cut metal sheets into triangular pieces and polish them till they shined like a mirror. Once he had dozens of the small polished pieces of metal, he began trying to bring them together to fulfill the image in his mind. Unfortunately, as he worked at putting them together, he found that some of the sheets wouldn’t work. With those early failures fresh in his mind, he became meticulous as he tried combination after combination, cutting and polishing new pieces of metal as needed. His determination flared as he ceaselessly tried combinations seeking the right one that produced the most significant effect.

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