Harrison & Sylvia, Part Two

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Part One
When he finally finished his work, he was satisfied that he had gotten the most out of his materials and the time available to him. He lifted his head from his creation and looked around his room catching sight of the morning’s light seeping in, from the closest window, and a weak smile began to bloom. He knew that his father would be here soon demanding his answer. So Harrison stood up from his littered table and stretched his arms as a deep yawn escaped his mouth. When he was finished easing the tightness of his muscles, he heard his door open, and his father’s disapproving voice greeted him. “Good morning son. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve made your decision, and unfortunately, it’s to leave.”

Harrison pulled himself up and with more confidence than he had ever felt, and responded to his father’s retort. “Before you make your decision father, what would you say if I told you I have been able to replicate one of our family’s relics.”

Reading the widening of his father’s eyes, Harrison knew that his father hadn’t been expecting that response. As soon as the initial shock passed, his father looked at Harrison’s table, and his eyes were drawn to the metallic looking flower that was affixed to a small glass container that was filled with some kind of liquid. Looking at the flower briefly his father groaned at the creation. But he could see the fire behind Harrison’s eyes, so he pointed at the unique contraption and asked, “Is that odd looking thing what you’re asking about?”


Unimpressed, his father quipped, “And exactly what relic do you claim to have duplicated?”

Looking coldly into his father’s eyes Harrison spoke with as much calm as he could muster, “Not duplicated father, I’ve replicated one of the family’s relics.”

“Very well then, Harrison, what relic have you replicated?” his father asked with a dismissive tone.

Despite the tone, Harrison saw the gleam behind his father’s eyes, and he knew that he had his father’s attention. But he wanted more than that. He wanted his father’s commitment that he could stay and tinker. So Harrison crossed his arms over his chest and suppressed his own building excitement and inquired, “What would you say to that, father?”

“It would certainly be an accomplishment.” His father said as his eyes began to drift between the metallic flower and his son.

As his father’s gaze began to settle upon his creation, Harrison knew his gambit would work. As a smile started creeping across his mouth Harrison pressed his question once more, “Yes, it would father, but what would you say about it?”

“What are you getting at Harrison?” His father asked, but Harrison remained silent, letting his posture inform his father about what he wanted. After several tense moments, Harrison’s father finally answered the question. “Well Harrison, if you are able to replicate a relic I guess that would change your current circumstance.”

Keeping his smile in check, Harrison nodded and gestured towards the creation sitting upon his table saying, “Father, I have replicated the lighting globe.”

His father walked over and lifted the still dark device with one hand. He took time and scrutinized the invention and noticed a small wick in the center of the flower and caught a scent of lamp oil. He chuckled as he placed the contraption back down on the table as the disappointment began to return to his eyes. “You had me for a second, Harrison. But there is no way that metallic flower looking thing can do what my lighting globe can do.”

Harrison shook his head a knowing grin etched into his face as he replied, “It can and it will.”

The faint interest that had still been in his father’s eyes it dispersed as he began to respond, “Well, son, you once again managed to waste…”

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