Harrison & Sylvia, Part Two

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Part One
Fortunately, Harrison was ready for his father’s retort, and he promptly pressed the button on the side of his creation. Thankfully the sun was still low enough in the sky for his demonstration to be effective, and instantly the oil soaked wick burst into life. And the polished mirrors began to collect and bounce the light in the right way to amplify the light that the little wick normally could cast silencing his father’s retort as the table was illuminated.


Letting a wicked smile explode into life Harrison asked, “Does this interest you, father?”

With a gleeful smile beaming, Harrison’s father put the device down upon the table and grasped his son tightly so he could whisper his question. “Harrison, can you do this with any of our other relics?”

Harrison thought for a moment about all of the relics sitting in their relic room before he answered, “It may be possible, father, but we would first have to know what they actually do.”

Despite the qualification, his father’s face brightened as a smile emerged, he promptly turned to exit his son’s laboratory. As he was walking out of the room, he called back to his son, “In that case Harrison, we have a great many things we have to do and discuss. But for starters, you will have to try and figure out what those relics do.”

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