Harrison & Sylvia, Part Three

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Part Three
Harrison’s father was examining the newly designed device, “Harrison you’ve done well to improve upon your first design.” Dismissing the device, he inquired, “What are you planning on calling it, son?”

“I hadn’t given it that much thought, father.”

With a chuckle, Harrison’s father smiled as he asked, “Well what do you want to call it?”

Harrison tapped his chin in silent thought for a few moments before a smile blossomed. Snapping his fingers, Harrison answered, “I think it should be called an Illuminator,”

“Very well.” His father said, drawing out the words as if he were lost in thought. Yet after a moment, he nodded his head. “It’s as good a name as any.” Handing the device to his scribe, his father went on, “Do you think you can disassemble my son’s Illuminator, making the necessary diagrams for me, Connor?”

Harrison’s eyes went wide as he shifted his gaze from his father to the scribe standing next to his father as he forced a question. “Why are you having Connor disassemble it?”

Ignoring Harrison the scribe answered, “Yes, my lord, I believe I can accomplish that task.”

“Father, what are you doing?” Harrison asked as he stepped between his father and the scribe forcing the scribe away from his creation.

Harrison’s father leveled his gaze upon his son speaking emotionlessly, “Helping you bring prestige to our family.” In the ensuing silence, his father cleared his throat and repeating the question, letting his emotionless mask slip to a stern glare. Harrison wanted to protest, but he knew he shouldn’t, so he removed his hands from the scribe. Then his father issued a new command, “Connor, take Harrison’s illuminator and draft the necessary diagrams.”

With a deep bow, Connor deftly collected the Illuminator and left, then Harrison returned his father’s cold glare as he inquired, “Father, what are you doing?”

“I told you, Harrison.” His father said emphatically yet coldly, “I’m enabling you to bring this family the prestige that far so long you haven’t been able to do.”


His father’s eyes narrowed, and under that harsh gaze, Harrison tore his gaze away. As Harrison’s shoulders slumped, his father sighed, “Harrison I’m going to reproduce your little creation and sell them across the Isles. And while I’m doing that, you’ll begin to examine and figure out how to replicate our other relics.”

“You want to sell my illuminator?” Harrison asked as his mouth fell as he focused upon the first half of his father’s reply.

“Yes, and then once you master another relic, we will sell that as well,” his father said softening his tone just a bit. “This is how you will make our family more prominent.”

Harrison raised his arms as he furrowed his brow retorting, “We don’t even know what any of the other relics do!”

“As I said, you’ll just have to figure out what they do.” His father said like it was inevitable that Harrison would be able to figure out the puzzle. “I have faith in your abilities son.”

Harrison’s spun around so he could try to put his father’s smug expression out of his mind. He quickly reeled in his initial anger taking a few calming breaths. Once he reigned in his anger, he turned back to his father and asked, “And if I can’t?”

Harrison’s father sat upon his throne and studied his son’s face. In it, he saw defiance staring back up at him, that expression told his father that his frustration was sincere. So the lord of the manor tapped his chin with a finger, and after another couple moments of silence, he countered, “I’m sure we’ll find something else that we can do if you can’t replicate any of our other relics, Harrison.”

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