Harrison & Sylvia, Part Three

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Part One
“Like what.”

“Well, I’m sure you could modify your illuminator in a few different ways.”

“Such as?”

“Well, you could make one that’s portable which could replace the torches the constables have to carry around at night.” His father suggested.


His father placed a finger across his lips. “No, I’ve already told you that this is how you will help this family. Do you understand me?”

Harrison knew that his father’s words carried a threat. The same threat he had feared before so he knew there was nothing he could do but agree to his father’s demand. Doing his best to hide the hostility growing inside him, Harrison replied, “Yes, sir.”

Clasping his hands behind his back, Harrison’s father explained away another of his son’s objections. “Excellent, now if you are unable to replicate any of our relics, then there are other relics on this isle and even more on the King’s Isle that you can study. So I think you will have plenty of opportunities to keep you busy, son.”

True to his father’s word Harrison had quickly been introduced to all the available relics on his family’s isle. Of course, as he expected he was unable to identify any of their abilities. After he finished examining them, Harrison retreated back to the comfortable confines of his laboratory. It took a couple of days, but his father eventually found him there. And when his father entered the laboratory, he discovered his son hunched over one of the relics he previously examined. It was the one that was shaped like a strange plate, his father smiled at his son’s tenacity. But he needed his son’s attention elsewhere so as that smile widened, he cleared his throat. When his son didn’t acknowledge him, he dropped his head as he broke the silence, “I thought you couldn’t figure out what that relic did, son.”

“I couldn’t,” Harrison said weakly as he continued his examination.

As an eyebrow rose, his father asked, “Yet you insist on fiddling with it?”

“I do,” Harrison quipped as he hunched closer to the plate continuing his inspection.

Shaking his head, Harrison’s father moved to the matter at hand, “I understand you’ve met with Masters Raymond Castillon and Samuel Dumein.”

With a sigh, Harrison tried to continue his examination as he answered, “They’re the only minor nobles on the isle that you’ve allowed to own a relic or two.”

Placing his hand upon his hips Harrison’s father inquired, “How did those conversations go?”

With another sigh, Harrison sat up ignoring the relic in his hands as he replied, “They let me examine the relics.” Harrison took a moment to secure the relic before he turned, narrowing his eyes as he continued, “In fact, they insisted that I examine them. It was as if they were afraid, they would lose the right to keep them if I wasn’t allowed to examine them.”

“They would have.” His father replied ignoring the dirty look his son was giving him.

“You cannot continue to bully them, father.”

“I can do whatever I think is best for this family, son. Don’t ever forget that.”

Harrison caught the subtle threat, and he lowered his eyes he mumbled, “I won’t.”

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