Harrison & Sylvia, Part Three

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Part One
“Well now that we have covered that issue,” his father began while the steel in his eyes softened. “Did anything useful come from your investigations?”

“No,” Harrison said as he returned to his inspection of the plate.

“That’s unfortunate.”

“Very unfortunate, father.” Harrison parroted as he let his fingers resume their examination of the plate searching for answers.

“Son, since you have already dismissed that relic as useless for the family, I need you to begin working on refining and expanding the usefulness of your Illuminator.”

Harrison’s hands stopped moving at his father’s words. He closed his eyes as he spoke with as much difference as he could manage, “I will begin that work promptly father, but I want to spend a little more time examining this relic.”

“As long as you don’t spend too much time on it. You do have a little more time since it will take some time for me to arrange your upcoming trip. But I would like to expand the prestige your initial contraption has managed to bring to the family.”

Clenching his eyes, Harrison questioned, “My trip, father?”

“I told you that already, son,” His father said as he began walking away.

“Well, could you please remind me, father?” Harrison asked as he listened to his father’s footfalls.

Suddenly Harrison heard his father’s footsteps stop and silence began filling the room once more. Then his father answered, “I will be arranging for you and Connor to negotiate with some of the more prominently placed noblemen in an attempt to get you some time to examine their relics. I’m sure agreements can be reached for good fortune all around; provided that you are able to determine the functions of any of their relics.”

Harrison bit his lower lip so hard that he feared he might draw blood. So he opened his eyes, and looked away from the plate and saw the disapproval in his father’s face. Harrison replied, “I’ll do what I can for the family, father.”

“Excellent son.” His father replied oblivious to Harrison’s unhappiness.

Unfortunately, Harrison knew what was going to happen, and his head hung while he clutched the plate to his chest. After a few minutes, he lowered the plate slightly staring at the glyphs. He slowly moved one hand so he could trace those strange symbols. Harrison gingerly placed the plate in a safe place as he began thinking about how he could accommodate his father’s desire. Over the next few days, he was successfully able to produce one new prototype and the designs for another. Sitting back in his chair Harrison lifted the prototype that would eventually replace hand-held torches and decided to test it.

With the perfect test in mind, Harrison turned the new device on and made his way out of the villa. Once outside in the night, the prototype did an excellent job lighting his way to the small factory that was responsible for producing his current Illuminator. When he entered the building, he was immediately shocked by how quickly his father had converted the factory for the purpose. He had believed it would have taken longer to alter an existing factory to produce the device in any significant quantity. But he had been wrong.

He was drawn to examine the entire factory, and he quickly went to the office and looked for his father’s ledger for the factory. Despite not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps he had been forced to learn the skills he would have needed. So once he found the book, it didn’t take him long to understand just how invested his father had become in his Illuminator. As he continued his examination, he heard someone approaching, so without looking up from the book he called out, “Hello.”

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