Harrison & Sylvia, Part Three

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Part One
Instead of his father’s voice, Harrison heard Connor’s voice, “I never thought I would see you here Master Harrison.”

“I wanted to test the new Illuminator,” Harrison began as he lifted the prototype. “So, I decided to look at what father was doing here.”

“That doesn’t explain why you are looking through the ledger.”

“No,” Harrison agreed as he returned his attention to the book. “But when I entered, I was so in awe of everything, that I just had to see just how important my Illuminator was to father.”

With a nod, the scribe replied, “That’s mostly understandable.”

Closing the book Harrison asked, “He’s going to make a lot of money with this isn’t he?”

“That is certainly your father’s hope,” the scribe replied with a nod.

Tapping the ledger, Harrison asked, “He’s already started to sell them hasn’t he?”

“He has.”

Harrison nodded as he thought about that. Based upon the ledger Harrison could tell that his Illuminators were already spreading. And with each purchase, his family’s prestige would grow. And he finally understood his father’s course of action, shaking his head in understanding. With the increase in their prestige noble families outside his father’s direct influence would be more likely to agree to let Harrison examine their relics. Which in turn would increase those noblemen’s appetite for the Illuminator. With that realization, he asked Connor, “And how goes the planning for my upcoming trip?”

“Our trip is coming together quite nicely, Harrison.”

“Our trip?”

“I will be accompanying you on this excursion.”

Harrison sat there and thought about what Connor said for a moment before he steepled his hands together and asked, “I’m guessing you are going to make sure that the family gets the best deal as possible for any relic I can replicate.”


With a nod, Harrison asked, “How many nobles are we going to meet with on this trip?”

“So far two have confirmed that they will meet with us.”

“How many were asked, Connor?”

“Twelve noble families have been asked to allow you to examine their relics.”

With a false smile, he replied, “Wonderful.”

“Connor, what are we doing today?”

“Master Harrison?”

Harrison dropped his head into his hand muttering, “My father isn’t here, Connor, just call me Harrison.” When the scribe nodded Harrison went on, “Who do we see today?”

“Lord Garret Hughes,” the scribe said promptly.

With an explosive sigh, Harrison replied, “How many of these noblemen have we seen, Connor?”

Connor reached for his ledger, and after a quick examination he answered, “Since we arrived on the King’s Isle we have met with Lords Elyas Lander, Silas Webb, and Marc Palmer.”

“Why do you document everything, Connor?” Harrison replied idly poking at his food.

“Your father wants our journey to be fully documented, Master Harrison.”

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