Harrison & Sylvia, Part Three

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Part One
Harrison shook his head muttering, “And exactly how many relics have we been able to activate, Connor?”

“Master Harrison, I’m not equipped to decipher the use of relics.” Connor paused as he ate more of his food, then answered, “You’re the expert in that particular field, Master Harrison.”

Harrison’s head sagged as he finished his meal. He shoved his plate aside as he stood up addressing Connor, “I’ll wait for you right outside.”

Connor nodded his head as he watched his master’s son walk away from the table. It didn’t take Connor long to finish his meal and join his charge outside the tavern, where he saw Harrison leaning against the wall. But before Connor could address Harrison, the young lord asked, “Don’t you get tired of all these meetings Connor?”

“I do the job your father assigned me,” the scribe replied smoothly.

“That’s not an answer Connor.”

“That’s not true, Master Harrison, but I don’t want to waste time debating this when Lord Hughes is expecting us at any moment. Shall we go?”

“Let’s get this over with,” Harrison muttered.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at Lord Hughes’s villa. However, it took them longer to be introduced to the Lord. Once they were seated Garret immediately began talking about the legal ramifications of tinkering with his relics. Unfortunately, this was the same reaction Harrison received from the other three noblemen on the isle. Harrison slumped in the chair as Garret and Connor went back and forth each trying to secure their own advantage. Harrison just sighed as their conversation deepened, he just wanted to tinker.

Harrison shook his head as if he were trying to chase away the unwanted conversation, but it was not that easy since he was immersed in the discussion. The two were trying to determine what percentages each family would get from any potential sales, and Harrison heard enough. Each of the previous noblemen demanded this very discussion before they would let him even examine at the relics. Harrison was growing very tired of the repeated conversation. Which was the reason why Harrison’s face was so disinterested, which in turn made things harder for Connor. And right now Connor was blathering on about something with Garret.

Finally, Harrison interrupted the conversation and addressed Garret, “Master Hughes, please allow me to be blunt. We both know you’re eventually going to let me examine your relics. So can we all save some time and continue this conversation where you have your relics hidden away? That way I can busy myself doing what I do best while you two finalize this talk that has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Connor’s face went white, but Harrison put a hand up silencing the objection that had formed upon the scribe’s lips.

Garret leaned back in his chair and answered. “Harrison, I’ll admit that you are the only one who has ever successfully replicated a relic.”

“But?” Harrison asked as Garrett drummed his fingers on his desk.

A smile grew from nowhere on Garret’s face as he answered, “I would love for you to try and replicate mine.”


“But you must understand that I have a responsibility to ensure that my interests are protected.”

Garrett was just like his father, they each wanted to make sure they managed to get the most out of whatever he managed to create. With a thoughtful nod, Harrison replied, “If that’s the case Master Hughes, then I’m afraid I have no problem leaving your villa and going on to the next man on my father’s list. I’m sure they will be more reasonable about this.” Harrison stood up leaving a slack-jawed Connor and Garret sitting in their chairs watching him walk to the door.

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