Harrison & Sylvia, Part Three

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Part One
For a moment Garret was too stunned to react, but his body eventually caught up to the conversation’s altered course. “Wait…” Garret leaped from his chair slamming his hands upon the desk. Harrison froze just as a hand fell upon the door’s handle. He waited as Garret rushed to get words out of his mouth. “Very well Harrison, let’s go to my relic room. You can examine my relics, while Connor and I continue our discussion.”

Harrison stood there for a second, but after a few moments of stillness Harrison waived one of his hands at the door, “Master Hughes you’re going to show me the relics aren’t you?”

Swallowing the lump in his throat. Garret rounded his desk and stalked towards the door. He opened it in silence, and both Harrison and Connor followed the nobleman to his relic room in silence.

After walking for what seemed like an hour, Garret pulled up in front of a rather ordinary door and spun around to wait for Harrison and his scribe to close the distance. Garrett pulled the door open, and spoke to Harrison, “After you Harrison, if you would be so kind as to examine the relics while Connor and I discuss the terms of this endeavor.”

With a simple nod of his head, Harrison walked past Garrett and went into the room. He immediately spotted the similarities of this room to his father’s relic room. Garret did have an impressive collection, it was smaller than his father’s, yet all of these relics were major ones. Five objects were resting upon marvelous pedestals, carved from a stone with a pinkish hue. He started with the relic sitting closest to him, but it was a rather simple looking dagger with highly stylized glyphs carved along the blade. After a brief examination, he replaced it and began working his way around the room.

He was careful to examine each of the relics carefully and deliberately. He lifted each from its pedestal and performed a cursory examination. He knew there was no way he could determine a relic’s functions from such a simple search. But it was not a complete waste of time as there was a chance that he might find something he could press or pull or some other kind of interface. Unfortunately, after examining the dagger, a rather fancy cloak, a small metallic shield, and a little copper rod that was about as long as his hand, he had not found any interface.

He was expecting to leave Garret’s home without discovering a useful relic when he came to the last relic’s pedestal. It was another rod, though this one appeared to be made of steel with no ornamentation, and roughly the length of his arm. It was also thick enough that his hand could easily enclose it. At each end of the rod, there were a pair of depressions, grouped very close together. He placed one of his fingers into one of the depressions closest to him, but nothing happened. He put a finger in a recession on each side of the rod at the same time with the same results. Then he placed his fingers into the two depressions closest to him and pressed down firmly. Without a sound or any other warning, there was a flash of light launching from the other side of the rod silencing both Garret and Connor mid-sentence. Sheepishly Harrison turned towards them to find Connor and Garret slack-jawed staring blankly at the far wall behind him. Following their gaze, his own eyes bulged when he caught sight of the hole that was now there in the wall.

Fortunately, it was an exterior wall, so no one had been injured with the discovery. Yet the sight brought a broad smile to Harrison’s face as he turned back to the others as he smiled and said, “I think I have discovered a part of what this relic can do, and I might have an idea how it can be replicated.” Both men turned to look at the other, and a smile flew across their faces as they once more launched into a heated discussion.

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