Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part Four
Sylvia stalked into Kameron’s chamber and demanded, “Why did you summon me Kameron?”

Sitting down behind his desk, Kameron replied with a groan. “Hello, Sylvia. You are aware that you have it a little backward. I’m the one who gets to be annoyed when I’m summoned.”

“My job is to ensure your safety,” Sylvia said letting a glare slip as she took purposeful steps towards the king. “And it’s a job that I can’t do while I’m here with you.”

Kameron dropped his head into his hand as he replied curtly. “Yes, but you have to know about the gala I’m planning so you can protect me.”

As her eyes narrowed into slits, Sylvia growled. “How big is this gala going to be?”

“It’s going to be a city-wide celebration, Sylvia.”

Sylvia stood in front of Kameron with her mouth wide open. She was so silent and so motionless that Kameron wondered if one of his wizards had petrified her. The king let the silence hang in the room for another moment, “Sylvia, are you okay?”

Sylvia shook her head ever so slightly as she forced her mind to work once more. After a moment she was able to push a single word past her lips, “Okay?”

“Yes, are you okay my dear?” Kameron repeated.

Sylvia fixed her eyes upon her employer’s, “You just told me that you’re planning an enormous celebration for people who hate your display of opulence.”

“Yes, I’m planning a celebration.”

“A celebration where you will allow anyone from the city to enter your castle’s courtyard, and you want to know if I’m okay?”


She read the seriousness behind those eyes, “Are you mad?”

Kameron closed his jaw, and then he drew in a breath as he closed his eyes. He took another moment to right himself in his seat as he began, “Sylvia…”

“No Kameron, there will be no way that I can guarantee your safety with this event you’re planning. It just cannot be done.”

“What are you going on about, Sylvia?”

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