Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
“I can’t cover that entire area, it can’t be done.” Sylvia retorted quickly, and as she saw a contrary response form upon Kameron’s lips, she added. “I thought I was very clear, Kameron, it can’t be done.”


Silencing her employer with a swift gesture of her hand, “No Kameron, I’m still talking here…”

“Sylvia, I’m your king…” Kameron growled as his mirth disappeared.

But she did not care about the vanishing mirth. “No Kameron, you’re not my king, you’re my employer.”

“Very well then I’m your employer, and you’ve crossed a line,” Kameron said as a scowl crept onto his face.

“I’ve crossed a line?” Sylvia asked. She was not a member of his cleaning staff, a worker in the kitchens or one of his sycophants. She was a gifted individual.

The scowl deepened, “Yes, you have Sylvia. As your employer…”

She placed one of her fingers on his chest and practically shouted at him. “You have been paying my fees and charged me with making sure you didn’t die or do something else just as stupid and silly. And right now, you’re dangerously close to doing something that would qualify as either, with this foolish notion of yours.”

“Well yes, I did…”

“Well, then why aren’t you listening to me, Kameron?” Sylvia asked.


“No, you can’t do this. I can’t protect you…”

Too irate to contain himself, Kameron utilized the little bit of magic he was capable of wielding. And silenced her objection with a small motion of his right hand. Once she was forced into the stillness, he locked into her eyes and exclaimed, “Sylvia my dear you are not my only means of protection.” He paused for a moment to ease scowl before going on. “You are simply another layer in the protection I have wreathed around myself, you are there to put my protection over the top.”

Kameron could see the churning behind her eyes. And as the spell that held her tongue and body still melted away as he leaned close to her saying; “I will silence you again if you press me, Sylvia.”

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