Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
Straightening her shoulders, Sylvia looked him squarely in the eyes as she said, “But no one else knows about me Kameron. How can I work with them to protect you?”

“That’s very true,” Kameron replied. He lifted a hand forestalling an objection. “No, do not say another word, I have heard your objections, and I will hear no more. This celebration is going to happen so you will have to figure out a way in which you will be able to accomplish your task reasonably. Though, if you are not up to the task, tell me now, and I will find someone else to spend my money on. Someone who is up to this particular task.”

Sylvia had a scowl of her own forming as she muttered. “You know perfectly well that you won’t ever find anyone better than me.”

“Then do your job,” Kameron replied. “You just need to make sure I’m safe during this celebration. It needs to go on because the people seem to be growing frustrated with my rule. They need something to kindle their joy.”

Sylvia scoffed at Kameron’s temerity to use the people’s unhappiness as a reason to put on this celebration. But before Kameron could retort, she said, “You know a better way to placate the people would be to have more audiences like you gave last month.”

Kameron narrowed his eyes as his scowl intensified. As he stalked towards her, he forcibly said, “Absolutely not. That will not have the same impact that this celebration will.”

Closing her eyes Sylvia began, “Why do you say that Kameron? You’ll reach fewer, and the celebration won’t actually help any of them.”

Kameron raised his right hand and held it in front of her face for a long moment. Sylvia swallowed a sudden lump, knowing that he could do some magic. But she kept her eyes locked upon his. Kameron took a deep breath as he clenched his fist, “Sylvia that is enough complaints from you on the subject. Either do your job, or I will find someone else to do it for you, is that understood?”

Sylvia bit her upper lip as she drew in a few breaths through her nose. Once she had her frustration in check, she looked at him and asked, “Fine Kameron, when is this suicide attempt of yours supposed to take place?”


But Sylvia spun around and started to leave, yelling over his objection, “When is this gala supposed to take place?”

“In two weeks,” Kameron answered with a slight shaking of his head.

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