Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
Sylvia opened the door and spat her response to the king, “Then I have work to do to prepare for this escapade. I’ll be in touch, Kameron.” She slammed the door and climbed out the first open window. She stood on the ledge and let the breeze wash over her before she used the climbed up to the roof. Still annoyed she stood on the roof and looked out towards the city. After taking in the sights, she transformed into a small cat and made a dash into the city.

When she reached the city, she climbed to the rooftops and altered herself to become a black panther. Despite the increase in size, she had better senses, but she was still stealthy enough for the work at hand. So, as she crept along the rooftops, she occasionally peered down at the milling mass of people below. While she stayed hidden amongst the shadows, she managed to study them. Even when she approached a rooftop’s edge, her black fur and a lifetime of stealthy motions ensured that no one below would see her. Straining her ears, Sylvia tried to catch anything said about Kameron. Unfortunately, after an hour of this behavior, she had heard nothing of any real value. Unlike her employer, she mingled with the ordinary people from time to time. In fact, those were the very whispers that caused her to argue with Kameron. Despite having a better read on the peoples’ true feelings, she was out here searching for any clue to try and save her employer’s life.

As Sylvia hunted for any rumors, she leaped from rooftop to rooftop with her keen ears listening to the whispers emerging from the streets below. Suddenly she heard something other than whispers below. So Sylvia silently stalked to the edge of the current rooftop. And when she peered over, she caught sight of one of Kameron’s special patrols. She immediately backed further into the shadows, laying down as she waited for the patrolling wizard and escorts to pass her by. These special patrols were seeking rouge practitioners, but they only found ones who weren’t careful about their craft.

The magic users who lived in the city were all aware of these patrols, and the cautious ones took the necessary precautions to avoid them. According to the ones she trusted, such protections took the place of special wards that contained the practitioner’s art. Either that or wards that alerted the practitioner to an approaching patrol. The ladder only worked because the patrolling wizard worked magic as they constantly stumbled through the city. Sylvia idly wondered how much success they had as they sought rogue practitioners. Sylvia had implied the uselessness of the patrols to Kameron on more than one occasion. But that infuriating man never listened to anything she had to say on subjects like that. In fact, in an area where she was the expert, like being able to secure a party like the one Kameron was planning, the man never listened to her. The scale of this celebration was foolish and utterly stupid.

Sylvia tensed up as she lay on the roof, waiting for them to leave. When she was satisfied they were gone and that no one was watching her, she returned to her human form and opened the trap door that led into her storage room. Sylvia stepped onto the ladder and descended into her hidden cache and pulled the door closed. She quickly sparked a small candle into life and went through all the equipment she stored there. When she finished looking through all her belongings, she kicked at a small pile of gold coins as she screamed at the ceiling, “Kameron, you fool.”

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