Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
Taking a few deep breaths, she ran her hands through her hair as she muttered, “I thought I still had some barrier traps.” She pursed her lips as she kicked out at another defenseless pile of gold coins. Sylvia pinched her nose as she calmed down then she climbed out of the cache and carefully closed the door before she retook the form of a black panther. And Sylvia made her way to one of her closest friends and allies, Gregor. The man was one of the best enchanters in the kingdom if not the entire land, and she would need the equipment that only he could provide. As Sylvia approached the edge of the roof, she looked down and noticed another one of Kameron’s roaming patrols. She knew that these patrols couldn’t locate or track her, but she had no desire to lead them to her friend. So, she laid back down and waited until she was sure the patrol was gone. It took a few minutes, but she would do the same with any of the other patrols out and about tonight.

Once the patrol left, she lifted herself up with great care not to make too much noise. After another moment of silence, she stretched her limbs then leaped to the next rooftop. She quickly continued on her journey, listening to the pitter patter of those traveling along the streets. With each step towards her ally, Sylvia tried to come up with an answer to why Kameron had decided to do this? But her mind kept circling back to another question. Didn’t the fool have better things to do than to tempt fate with this ridiculous party?

But she couldn’t answer that question either. When she closed half the distance to Gregor’s home, she heard something that caught her attention. But when she crouched upon her current rooftop and stared at the people lingering below her, she couldn’t pick up what had caught her attention. She laid there for a moment and listened to everything. But after a few moments, she rejected the little tidbits that she heard and stood back up. She deftly worked back to the opposite side of the building. And as she skulked along the roofs, she continued to watch the inhabitants milling around the sprawling city.

As the evening took hold, she listened more intently for the juiciest of rumors. However, the only thing she heard matched the common theme. When she was within a few blocks of Gregor’s home, she heard part of a conversation escaping a cracked window. She stopped and listened in for a moment. “… King is a tyrant.”

“Someone should do us all a favor and get rid of him.”

“I would do something, but I don’t want to end up like that poor soul who was executed for seeking justice for his brother.”

“I know what you mean, he destroyed my family as well…”

Sylvia shook her head as she dismissed the rest of the conversation as another litany of complaints of those who had been the most ill-treated. That was the ever-present buzz, and it showcased Kameron’s ignorance, in his decision. The flip side of that display was the whispers about how Kameron had pardoned a man of his debt to the crown. It was a simple gesture, but it had brought some goodwill, but Sylvia knew it wouldn’t last long.

She worked her way through the last few blocks to her friend’s home. Once she landed on the next rooftop, she glanced down at the streets below as more whispers reached her ears. So she decided to slow her pace to allow the floating words to reach her ears with greater ease. Even with her slower pace, she came to Gregor’s home without hearing a valid rumor. Resting upon his home, she searched for any signs of one of Kameron’s patrols. When she saw none, she leaped from the nearby roof and landed quietly in a silent and dark alley and stared out of it. After a minute of solitude, she re-assumed her human form and walked deftly to the door. Glancing around her she knocked upon the dull and pale door.

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