Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
“Who’s there?” Her friend’s voice asked a little muffled.


“Ahhhhh, Sylvia, you weren’t followed, were you?”


“One moment then Sylvia,” the man replied. She waited for him to open his door. When it finally opened, there was a man of average height. As light from inside flowed past his spindly frame, he looked down upon her and said with a clear and gentle voice, “Sylvia, what do you need from me this time?”

“Gregor, I thought you were a little more intelligent than to discuss things like this out in the open for anyone in the world to hear.”

Gregor folded his arms across his chest. “Those annoying patrols have already been through this part of the city. Thankfully I’ll have some time without having to worry about them.

“If you say so,” Sylvia said with a slight smile.

“So, I’ll ask you once more Sylvia, what do you need from me this time?”

“Well Gregor, I need to prepare for a potential assassination attempt. I’ll need the absolute best,” she said as she stepped through the door walking past him into the comfort of his workshop. She added, “Which is why I always come to you, Gregor.”

Turning around Gregor asked, “You’re not leading this attempt are you?” Sylvia silently shook her head, and Gregor smiled as he closed and locked his door. Once the last bolt slid into place he inquired, “Sylvia are you planning any mischief?”

“No,” Sylvia answered. But she saw that Gregor’s narrowed gaze, so she sighed and explained. “No Gregor, I’m not leading any attempt, I’m trying to stop a potential one.”

“Anyone, I know?”

“You know I can’t answer that Gregor.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t ask, Sylvia,” Gregor said before he asked a follow-up question. “But the question remains the same, what do you need from me to handle this potential attempt?”

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