Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
Thinking about what she needed to do, Sylvia came up with a mental list then answered. “I think my usual should suffice for this. My custom netting and explosion trap. But I’ll need a few sets, one won’t do for the job. I’ll also need a new set of shielding gauntlets, the others are starting to lose their effectiveness.”

Gregor looked at her with a hint of shock coloring his face. “Those gauntlets are fairly new Sylvia, they shouldn’t be losing their effectiveness quite yet,” Gregor said as he shook the red from his checks.

“I have other items that show no signs of wearing out. But you and I both know that the gauntlets never last for all that long.” Sylvia answered with emphasis upon the last few words. She had thought for a while now that he enchanted them with an eye upon their failure. A way to ensure she kept coming back to have new ones crafted. “Though you know my thoughts on that particular issue.”

“You know just as well as I do, Sylvia, the issues of enchanting leather. Though that problem is true with anything other than metal. If you want gauntlets that last you need to find some metallic ones. Otherwise, deal with ones that don’t hold enchantments for very long.” Gregor responded with the hint of laughter that often came from friends teasing each other.

“I know Gregor, I just like to give you grief about it.”

“I would craft some metallic ones for you, but then they wouldn’t be able to do what you need them to do with your constantly shifting body. That was your requirement if you remember?”

“I remember.”

“You know, for the life of me I can’t figure out how you manage the metallic enchantments I’ve made for you.”

“Well they stay the same; they just are simply moved around. It’s not all that hard for someone like me to do once you master it. Just like anything else practice is all that’s required.”

“I assume you mastered that fairly quickly then.”

“More or less,” Sylvia muttered.

Seeing the urgency in her stance, he clasped his hands together, “So Sylvia, how quickly do you need these items?”

She thought about that, “I’ll need them in a week.”

Wincing Gregor answered reflexively, “I have a lot of other clients looking to collect their own items, Sylvia.”

“I know it’ll be rough on you, but I know you can handle it, Gregor.”

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