Harrison & Sylvia, Part Four

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Part One
“Of course, I can handle it, Sylvia. But it’ll cost you a lot if I have to bump some of my other clients.”

With a wry smile Sylvia locked her eyes on her friend and asked with a playful tone, “Has that ever been a problem for me, Gregor?”

“No, it has never been an issue for you, Sylvia,” Gregor answered through squinting eyes.

Sylvia turned her head and caught sight of a window that was slightly ajar, and without looking back. “That’s excellent news, Gregor, I’ll see you in a week.” And without another word, she turned her body and leaped towards the window she had changed into a small feline. She bowed her head towards her friend and making her way to her exit.

“Sylvia, when you come back don’t forget the payment. You’ve gotten these things from me before both rushed and not, so you know how much to bring.”

The cat stopped and meowed at her friend then she quickly left through the small opening of the window. She promptly got back upon the top of the building and almost instantly discovered a darkened area, she grew back into the black panther. She stood above her friend and thought about him for a moment before she wondered why he always went on about the cost of his work.

With what Sylvia charged her clients it had never been an impediment for her. In fact, that more than anything else, was why she charged Kameron and other employers as much as she did for any given job. Sylvia knew that the equipment she got from him would always help, but she never knew how it might help. But when she needed some magical assistance to complete a given task, she was always thankful that she padded her costs so she could pay Gregor a visit.

After her moment of reflection, she went back to skulking across the city. Letting her paws fall on the rooftops, she continued seeking any hints of possible rumors. Despite his foolishness, she would root out any potential dangers to Kameron. And she knew that before the end she was going to be spending an awful lot of time chasing any likely whispers.

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