Harrison & Sylvia, Part Five

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Part Five
“Of course, sir,” Gabriel answered as he bowed his head and left the room.

Once the door closed, Lucas looked over at Harrison asking, “He’s a little stuffy, isn’t he, Harrison?”

“He’s my father’s steward.”

With a slight nod of his head, Lucas walked over to it and sat down as he asked, “I take it that’s a fancy way of saying yes?”

“It’s a way of saying he does his job very well.” Harrison quipped with a gentle shake of his head.

Lucas tipped his head to the clarification before he said. “You know you didn’t need to have refreshments brought up.”

“Lucas I need it,” Harrison said with a wry smile.

Lucas laughed heartily as he clapped his hands together. “You skipped the midday meal because you were too busy reading your books didn’t you?”

“So it would seem, Lucas,” Harrison replied with a small grin upon his lips.

“Well, I guess I can sample whatever your cook runs to bring us,” Lucas said as a broad smile blossomed across his face. “Would you care for a game of Bain, Harrison?”

Harrison looked at the board on the edge of his desk and drummed his fingers along the side of his desk. “Sure a game, might be exactly what I need.”

As Lucas moved the board to the center of the desk, he asked, “What’s wrong, Harrison? I thought you managed to duplicate Garret Hughes’ relic?”

Harrison scratched his head, while Lucas collected the white stones. “I did.”

“I would have thought that would have excited you.”

Harrison chuckled as he collected the black stones. “It did for a little while.”

“But?” Lucas inquired as he placed his first stone on the board.

Harrison lifted one of his stones and thought tapped the piece on the edge of the board. When he placed it, he answered the lingering question. “But the free time I gained from that is drawing to a close.”

Lucas quickly placed his next piece as a smile ran across his face. “Ahhhhh, so your father is expecting you to return to the never-ending parade through the homes of noblemen?”

“Exactly,” Harrison answered as he placed his piece to block Lucas from placing his third consecutive piece.

“You play very defensively.” Lucas muttered as he placed his third piece, “But you knew this was approaching Harrison. So why are you upset?”

Harrison smiled as he placed a stone on the board. “Because I have no idea what I’ll be able to do next.”

“You could try to increase the effectiveness of your creation.”

“I plan on doing that at some point, Lucas.”

“Then why are you so distraught?” Lucas asked as he placed deposited another stone.

“Because that won’t give me more time like this.” Harrison said as he connected two of his stones with another.

“I can’t believe you snuck that in.” Lucas said as Harrison removed Lucas’s first stone. With a grimace, Lucas lifted a stone and examined the board. “I’m sure he would change his mind if you managed to figure out how to make…” Lucas looked away from the board and inquired. “What do you call that thing anyway?”

“My father declared my creation a cannon. And Garret Hughes agreed with him.”

“And the name stuck?” Lucas asked as he positioned his next stone.


After Harrison placed his fourth piece on the board, Lucas finished his abandoned thought. “I’m sure if you could make a cannon that was portable he would reward that.”

“He probably would.”

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