Harrison & Sylvia, Part Five

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Part Five
“Harrison, I won’t take no for an answer.” Lucas replied with a little steel behind his words as he folded his arms across his chest.

Knowing how stubborn his friend could be when he set his mind on something Harrison sighed. Then with another sigh, resignation bloomed in his voice. “When is this gala of yours, Lucas?

“It’s next week.”

Harrison raised his eyebrows at the fact that he could try to excuse himself with. He tried to keep the smile from his lips as he began to object, “Sorry Lucas, but I’m to return home tomorrow, I guess…”

“No Harrison,” Lucas said putting his own hand to stop to halt Harrison’s excuse. Lucas inched himself towards his friend like a conspirator in a plot waving him to do the same. “Your father would approve of my betrothed’s sister. So come to meet her and enjoy the party and the company of a wonderful woman?”

Dropping his head into his hands Harrison’s voice managed to escape his fingers. “You’re not going to leave me alone unless I agree to go with you aren’t you?”

Lucas’ smile broadened as he answered earnestly. “I will become a permanent guest until you agree.”

Harrison ate some more food and took a long sip from his goblet before he looked into his friend’s eyes with his answer. “Fine, let me write a letter to explain to my father why I’m going to be delayed. And you’re leaving as soon as it’s done.”

“You’re not going to kick me out first?” Lucas asked as a look of shock blossomed on his face.

“No,” Harrison said sternly. But he quickly softened his gaze as he went on. “I’ll need your help to explain to my father why meeting this woman justifies my delaying my return.” Glancing down at the board he added, “Can I assume you’ll concede our game?”

With a groan, Lucas looked down at the board and muttered. “Yes, Harrison, I surrender.”

The next day Harrison dispatched the letter. Then he spent the next few days devoting himself to his tinkering and reading in his father’s library. But each morning Gabriel reminded him that he needed to visit a clothier. After a few days, Harrison decided to silence Gabriel. Harrison went to Lucas’ home and managed to rook his friend into helping. Harrison followed Lucas to Roland Sutton’s shop. And with his friend’s suggestions, Harrison managed to arrange for a set of clothing that would not embarrass his father.

With the necessary purchase finished, Lucas decided to part ways with Harrison. With his friend gone, Harrison visited multiple merchants. As many ideas floated through his head, he knew he needed an outlet for his creativity. Between two stalls, Harrison saw a young lady selling flowers. And his mind jumped to the upcoming gala. Of course, Lucas was right that the younger sister of his betrothed seemed like a woman who would absolutely thrill his father. And thrilling his father was important since it gave him opportunities like this. Time to tinker, explore and read to his heart’s content.

With a shake of his head, Harrison resumed his search of the various stalls. The young lord ignored the ordinary wares as he searched for something unique. Harrison wasn’t expecting anything all that special, not on the King’s Isle at any rate. He knew that if he wanted to see anything exceptional he would need to locate the kind of men who traveled outside of the isles. And those kinds of merchants rarely came to the King’s Isle. Yet it seemed like he was building a small reputation for those merchants. Since he managed to find something unique on his last couple of excursions.

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