Harrison & Sylvia, Part Five

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Part Five
Despite the ample supply of the ordinary, Harrison managed to find a piece that piqued his interest. It was a piece of metal that was small enough that he could hold in one hand. Yet it was far more substantial. Harrison picked it up, and the merchant had tried everything to get it out of Harrison’s hand. But there was something about the metal that caught his attention, but he couldn’t define what it was.

The lump of metal was bright silver on one side. And a dark grey on the other, with a series of glyphs engraved on that side. And the ever so slight curve of the chunk of metal made it feel comfortable in his hands. The conversation with the merchant was long and arduous. But Harrison eventually swayed the merchant to part with the piece of metal for what Harrison thought was a fair price. He also purchased some flint and a few other odds and ends that he might be able to make use of somewhere down the road. When he finally returned to the villa, Gabriel promptly greeted him. “Welcome back, Master Harrison.”

With a sigh of frustration, Harrison walked past the steward and replied. “Gabriel, we’ve been over this countless times already you don’t have to call me master.”

“I’m afraid master Harrison, that I do.”

Harrison spun around immediately understood what Gabriel wasn’t saying as he asked. “My father is here isn’t he?”

With an ever so slight nod, Gabriel answered, “Your father is waiting for you in his study.”

“Thank you, Gabriel,” Harrison said as he began the short journey to his father’s study. Upon reaching the closed door of his father’s study, Harrison knocked and waited for an answer. He stood there waiting long enough to start wondering if his father left to search for him. Harrison thought it unlikely. In fact, it was more likely that his father was trying to put him in his place by forcing him to wait for an audience. He was about to leave when the door opened, and his father walked out and saw that Harrison as he was turning to leave.

“Harrison.” His father spoke with a calm and restrained voice.

Turning back to face his father Harrison gently inquired, “How was your trip to the King’s Isle?”

“It was unexpected.” His father answered crossing his arms across his chest.

Harrison licked his lips before offering, “Unexpected journeys sometimes are the most rewarding.”

His father took a step away from the doorway and ushered his son into his office. Once they were both inside, he closed the door and went to his desk. Where he waited for Harrison to sit at one of the open chairs on the other side. When they were both seated his father spoke with steel, “I received your letter before I left.”

“You did?” Harrison asked rhetorically before he tried to make a more conversational response. “I was expecting a response from you.”

“You didn’t think I’d come to deliver my response in person.” His father said with a knowing nod.

Lifting his hands and shoulders, Harrison replied, “I didn’t know what to expect sir.”

His father lifted the folded letter from his desk and began tapping it on the desk. “Obviously I came to speak with you about your letter.”

Harrison attempted to keep himself from shrinking into the chair as he asked. “Is there anything in particular that you want to discuss?”

A smile grew on his father’s face as he began to answer, “I’m surprised you were…”

But Harrison had a good idea of what his father wanted to talk about. So he straightened up in his chair and interrupted his father. “Lucas, came over the other night to invite me to that party so I could accompany his betrothed’s younger sister.”

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