Harrison & Sylvia, Part Five

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Part Five
“Ahhhhhhhh… Your friend Lucas, yes that makes much more sense.” His father continued to tap the letter on the desk as he continued. “I always liked Lucas. I’ll have to thank him properly for this if all goes well.”

“Was that all you wanted to know sir?”

With a final tap against the desk, his father brandished the folded letter as he said. “You were a correct son. Or rather I will assume Lucas was correct that if you were to court his betrothed’s sister our family would benefit.”

“So, go forth and perform my familial duty?” Harrison asked with a mental cringe.

His father nodded and then finally caught sight of the slight bulge of his son’s travel bag. “I see that you’ve managed to go to the merchants to buy…” His father waved his hand like he was trying to bat an insect away from his food before finishing the thought. “The things that you tinker with, but did you happen to go to a clothier as well?”

“Yes, father it was the first thing that I did today.”

“You didn’t go by yourself, did you?”. Harrison’s father asked worried about the answer.

“No, sir, Lucas came with me and ensured that I will be properly dressed for the gala. Our family will be proud.” Harrison said managing to restrain the annoyance that flared up at the question.

As Harrison’s father nodded at his reply, he could plainly see that his father wasn’t satisfied. But before he could say anything, his father gently commanded. “Tell Gabriel what clothier you visited. He will ensure that our family will be well represented.”

“Yes, sir,” Harrison said clenching a fist that was out of his father’s sight and asked. “Is there anything else that you need to talk with me about sir?”

“No, go see Gabriel immediately so he can go check on the clothes that are being prepared.” With the dismissal, Harrison nodded and walked to the door. And as he was reaching for the door handle, his father added. “Supper will be served in the dining room shortly, and I expect to see you there for it.”

Harrison froze in place at his father’s first word. And as his voice died away, Harrison processed the command and replied, “Yes sir.”

As Harrison stalked off to his study, he found Gabriel waiting for him. “Father wanted me to tell you to go see Roland Sutton.”


“He is the clothier I went to, that way you can ensure the clothes will be suitable for the gala.”

“Thank you, Master Harrison,” Gabriel answered with a bow.

Harrison sighed as the steward left him to carry out his father’s wishes. Harrison eased his door open and went to his desk and placed the hunk of metal into one of his drawers. He dropped the bag on his desk and lifted one of the books from the desk and read while he waited for dinner.

A couple of hours later one of the servants opened his door, “Dinner is ready Master Harrison.”

Lowering the book Harrison answered, “Thank you, Kerri, I’ll be down in a moment.”

“Yes, sir.” She replied with a bow.

Harrison placed the ribbon into his book, and reluctantly he left for the dining room. When he walked into the dining room, his father was there waiting for him. “Thank you for joining me, Harrison.”

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