Harrison & Sylvia, Part Five

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Part Five
“I came as soon as Kerri told me that dinner was ready.”

“Sit down, Harrison.”

“Yes, father.” Harrison replied as he took his seat across from his father. Harrison lifted his fork and knife and started to eat his dinner.

Halfway through the meal, Harrison’s father cleared his throat. “Gabriel returned a little while ago and told me that your new clothing won’t embarrass the family.”

“I’m glad it meets your standards father,” Harrison commented as he took another bite of his dinner.

Harrison’s father steepled his hands as he leaned over the table. “Now I will have your word that you will not do anything to embarrass this family.”

Harrison reached for his goblet of wine and took a swallow before he answered. “I won’t embarrass you, father.”

“There will be no talk of tinkering, or whatever else you like to do. Instead, you will act according to your station. Is that understood?”

“Yes, father.”

Easing back into his chair, Harrison’s father resumed eating his meal. When his father finished, he slid his plate away and stood up. “I will be leaving in the morning but know that I will hear about your deportment at the gala. Do not disappoint me, father.”

Harrison cut another bite and speared it with his fork as he answered. “I understand, father.”

“Excellent, I will see you once you return to the isle, Harrison.” His father said as he walked out of the room.

The next morning after his father left, Harrison devoted the rest of the time before the gala to reading. Unfortunately, the current batch of books while not stimulating any thoughts about relics. Though they did manage to satisfy his desire to expand his mind. But he needed to find another way to earn another small measure of freedom from his father. However on the day of the gala, as the sun’s light began flooding into his study. Harrison groaned as he closed his latest book. He remembered that he failed to pick up his clothes from Roland Sutton’s shop.

Harrison stood up and began to pace for a moment when a brief knock on the door came. Before he could say anything, Gabriel opened it and greeted him, “Good morning sir.”

Harrison looked at the steward before he rubbed his face vigorously as he asked. “Good morning Gabriel, did I work through the night again?”

“It would appear so sir.”

When Harrison pulled his hands away from his face and saw a package in the steward’s hands. The simple package raised a pair of questions to his lips. “Gabriel, what time is it? And what are you holding?”

“It’s past midday sir, and these are you your clothes for the gala tonight.”

He instinctively suppressed a yawn as he rubbed the creeping sleep from his eyes. “You can place them on my desk, there should be ample room, so I’ll change here. And tell the cooks to make me a powerful tea to go with whatever they can bring me up to eat.”

“I’ll be sure they bring something right up right away sir.” Gabriel said as he laid the clothes on the desk before leaving to instruct the cooks.

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