Harrison & Sylvia, Part Five

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Part Five
When Gabriel left, Harrison once again began pacing around the room as he waited for his food and tea. When servants arrived with the tea and food, he immediately asked for second pot. Before he looked at the food Harrison drank three cups. Harrison then changed into the clothes that Gabriel delivered. Once he finished getting dressed, one of the servants brought up the second pot of tea. Harrison smiled as he finished the first pot as he ate a little more. When he was ready, he walked down to the parlor and waited for Lucas to arrive. After reading through half of his latest book the door opened. Lucas walked into the parlor and exclaimed. “Harrison, what are you doing sitting there we have a gala to attend!”

With a wry chuckle at Lucas’ arrival, Harrison replied with a question. “Hello, Lucas. Can you please tell me how you managed to arrive without Gabriel introducing you?”

“I was coming to the parlor, it’s not that far.”

Harrison shook his head as he prodded, “Even with the short distance Gabriel is if nothing else formal.”

Lucas put his hands on his hips as he tapped his foot and replied in mock frustration. “I was insistent, now come on or did you forget that we have a gala to attend.”

“Then, by all means, lead on, Lucas,” Harrison said as he stood up. And a smile bloomed as he waved his friend back towards the door. The pair quickly exited the home and walking up to the carriage. When they came within a stone’s throw of the carriage, one of the footmen opened the door facing the villa. As, a pair of women, exited the first looked over at Lucas and spoke to prevent Lucas brewing objection. “We needed to stretch our legs, dearest.”

“Nonsense, I wasn’t in there that long,” Lucas replied quickly.

“Nonetheless we still needed to stretch our legs dearest.”

With a muffled sigh, Lucas shook his head before making the required introductions. “Harrison, this is my betrothed Leanna, and this is her younger sister Kylee. And ladies this is my good friend Harrison.”

Harrison stood next to the carriage and was stunned by the beauty radiating from the sisters. They were both stunning yet in radically different ways. Leanna was lovely, though Harrison believed that her beauty was manufactured. And he was sure without the trimmings she would still be attractive. While Leanna’s beauty seemed to come from the work done to bring it out, Kylee’s seemed to grace her without any effort. She was as strikingly beautiful as she appeared graceful. Harrison bowed to her, and when she offered her hand to him, he took it bringing it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand. “I will say that I am thankful I was talked into coming to this gala.”

Kylee blushed slightly and replied, “Thank you, Harrison.”

After a moment Leanna took Lucas’ arm and led him into the carriage. After a moment she leaned out and spoke to both. Once you join us, we can leave.

But before Kylee obeyed her sister, she turned around and asked, “Harrison, how often do you make it to the isle?”

Harrison leaned in so he could whisper his response, “Well up till tonight, it was a rare occasion.” She looked over at him, and the edges of her mouth began to curl downward. And when he saw that he added the second half of his thought. “But after meeting you, I think I’ll have to correct that failing.” She blushed once again, though this time her face achieved a darker shade of red. And that only amplified the beauty of her face.

Before she could say anything, Lucas popped his head out of the closest carriage window and said. “What’s keeping the two of you? If you don’t hurry we’re going to be late, let’s get going.”

With a smile, Harrison gave Kylee a wink as he helped her up into the carriage telling her. “Well let’s hurry up, we don’t want to hinder his fun.”

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