Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
Sylvia was once again wrapped in the form of a sizeable black feline. She was hidden from sight in the perch she found the previous night. From there, Sylvia could watch over one of the two paths that Kameron’s guard chose not to protect. She didn’t know why they decided to ignore the two ways, and she didn’t care. Lounging there, Sylvia shifted her gaze and looked at her employer. From there, she watched him and tried to ignore his antics. Currently, Kameron seemed to be enjoying himself and his celebration.

She shook her head and snarled as she tore her eyes away from the foolish king. Her eyes went back to their examination of the path, and she searched for any potential danger. Now the path was silent. Not for the first time she yearned for a more secluded venue. And she heard Kameron’s excuses in her mind, and she silently cursed him for his foolishness. This whole charade forced her to, do everything in her power to try and track down any potential threat.

Only she found nothing except a handful of whispers of potential rumblings. She managed to piece enough of those together to know that something would happen today. But the shape of the plot eluded her. When she brought the stitched together rumor to Kameron, he dismissed it as nothing of consequence. Even after another round of intense arguing with Kameron, she could not get him to reconsider. As a result, she couldn’t shake the feeling of doom that was hanging over her and her employer if something got past her.

She left Kameron in search of more rumors but found nothing. When the order she placed with Gregor, Sylvia abandoned the search to go and claim her safety nets. When Gregor closed the door, he said, “What have you gotten yourself into Sylvia?”

Sylvia buried herself into the palm of her right hand, “You know I cannot tell you, Gregor.”

The burly man turned and leaned against his door. “Sylvia, you know me.”

“And you know me, Gregor,” Sylvia replied as she turned to look back at her friend.

“I’m worried, Sylvia.”

“About what?”

Gregor rubbed his face for a moment and then ran his hands through his hair. “I don’t have anything concrete to tell you, Sylvia.”

“But you’re nervous,” Sylvia commented as she walked forward.

“Yeah,” Gregor muttered as he walked towards a workbench on the far side of the room. “You know I’m not prescient.”

“But you get plenty of timely feelings, every so often,” Sylvia said as she followed her friend to the workbench. “You’ve warned me about those before.,”

“Yup,” Gregor replied as he looked over a shoulder and thumped his chest. “And you know how those situations turned out, Sylvia.”

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