Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
Sylvia rubbed at her chin as she leaned against the bench, and eyes started to blink as she thought about it. After a subjective moment, she nodded her head, saying, “Yeah, yeah, I remember those situations.”

Gregor slid a bundle over to her and scoffed. “I know you remember the consequences of those situations.”

Sylvia scoffed as she opened the bundle. “Yeah, the consequences are difficult to forget.”

“Walk away, Sylvia,” Gregor pleaded as he tapped the bundle.

“I wish I could, but I’m already committed,” Sylvia said as she started taking the items from the bundle.

“You and your notions of keeping a job till the bitter end,” Gregor said as he leaned on the edge of the table.

Sylvia began studying the traps and said, “Yes, I always complete my jobs, Gregor.”

Gregor noticed the shift in attitude and walked away from the table, “Examine the equipment, Sylvia, let me know if I missed anything.”

Sylvia took her time and scrutinized each item, making sure that they functioned as she demanded. The examinations ended with a smile, as she put all the equipment into her pack. She walked over to Gregor and put her hand on his shoulder. “I’ll be careful, Gregor.”

“Please do,” Gregor said as he continued pulling items from the shelves.

Sylvia knew what his friend didn’t say, and she pressed him, “What aren’t you telling me?”

Gregor sighed and placed the items on the table and deliberately turned around with cold, tired eyes. “Something bad is going to happen.”

“To who?”

Gregor took a breath and said solemnly, “Everyone.”

Sylvia took a sharp breath, and she squeezed Gregor’s shoulder, “I promise I’ll be careful.”

Gregor’s frowned deepened and walked to his door and opened it for Sylvia. When Sylvia walked out of the house, Gregor whispered, “Goodbye, Sylvia.”

Gregor’s final words hit Sylvia like a hammer, and she almost fell to the ground. After settling herself, she wrapped herself in her feline form and left for Kameron’s castle as the sun fell under the horizon.

Thanks to her keen eyes, Sylvia didn’t need more than the twinkling stars and pale moons. She crested the walls and took her time to study every curve of stone and every bump on the ground. After hours of study, Sylvia climbed to the highest roof and laid down. Then she began to place herself into the mind of potential troublemakers, including potential assassins.

From her past experiences, Sylvia knew Kameron wouldn’t allow any information to be shared among his security. For a man paranoid enough to keep his security from working together, his current actions disappointed Sylvia. She lifted her head and then resumed her human form. She sat up straight and slipped her bag off her back. As the wind occasionally played with her hair, she reached into her pack and withdrew a few sheets of paper. The papers were copies she stole from Kain, the captain of Kameron’s personal guard.

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