Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
She read through the copied documents and added the planned deployment to her mental map of the castle. Once deployed, Sylvia returned the papers to her pack and leaned back on the roof to study the planned security. After about an hour of careful examination of her updated mental map, she located two weak points in the defense. She groaned and stood shouldering her pack, then she morphed back into the large feline and went to study the two weak points.

While she stalked towards the first location, Sylvia scrutinized the mental landscape of the paths. With each footfall, she wondered why these two paths weren’t going to be secured by some combination of the guard and Kameron’s personal wizards. Sylvia mentally traced the trails back to the main entrance and issued a low rumbling growl. She admitted that taking, either way, would necessitate a fair amount of backtracking, but the exploit existed. That fact alone should have required the presence of at least one wizard and a squadron of guards if not more.

When she came to the first path, she leaned over an overhang. At first glance, she thought she understood why the guard might ignore this path, but she didn’t care. She dropped to the floor and walked through the narrow walls, letting her tail brush each side of the path. She grinned, showing her wicked canines to the night before she resumed her human body. She pulled all three traps out from her pack, and she went to the mouth of the path and put the first trap in place. Sylvia set up the trap with great care, ensuring that the central portion of the trap had clear access to the sky above.

When she finished with the first Sylvia lifted the remaining two and smiled. She labored with the design and continuously adjusted after their use. Though recently, those adjustments were minor. She smiled as she thought about any hapless assassin wandering through this path. The first stage of the trap would be a silent explosion of light. The light would expand outward from the trap, destroying anything in its short path. After dealing with the initial intruder, two more things happen. The first is a magical barrier that forms expands to prevent passage. And at the same time, an explosion is thrown into the sky to let people know of the intrusion. Looking down the length of the path, Sylvia checked the other route and decided to place both remaining traps here.

The moment she finished placing the third trap, Sylvia resumed her feline form and launched herself to the rooftops. And with deft and silent feet, she headed for the second vulnerability. This path received more traffic than the other, and Sylvia wouldn’t have been able to place one of her traps here. So she started looking for a place where she could hide and watch everything. As the sun’s rays began to crest the horizon, Sylvia found her spot and laid down to get a few hours of rest.

Sylvia shifted her head on her paws and looked away from Kameron and his antics towards the path. Despite the rumors, this celebration of Kameron’s had been as dull as her employer expected. In fact, the events of the day progressed so slowly that her legs began to tense up from the lack of motion. She stretched out her limbs as best as she could while she stared at the empty path. Sylvia kept her mind sharp by ceaselessly scanning the crowd, searching for potential dangers. That and assuming someone was dangerous and considering the best way to subdue them. The mental acts did wonders to keep the tedium from clinging to her. Aside from keeping her alert, the exercise put more information at her fingertips, which turned out to be an excellent problem to have.

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