Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
But today Sylvia found another tool to fight her boredom. Sylvia heard a group of people chatting nearby. She didn’t think they were guards, but they talked with each other like guards usually did. She reached back into her memory, and she knew that this path wasn’t being guarded. She dug at the wood beneath her with one of her claws, while she tried to figure out the puzzle. To work out the mystery, she kept an ear open to the constant bubbling conversation of the apparent guard nearby.

Since she noticed them, none of them said anything of any great importance. But it was still worthwhile even though they appeared not to care about Kameron. Sylvia kept up with the conversation because she objectively knew that the tiniest tidbit of information might come in handy. The other reason she listened to that conversation was because the only other person she could hear was Kameron. Sylvia couldn’t stand listening to Kameron drone on and on about nothing at least these men kept things interesting.

Of course, the reason she could hear Kameron was because one of his wizards arranged it. Either providing the king with a talisman that would project his voice to everyone. Or else the wizard enchanted Kameron’s voice so it could carry. Ultimately whatever option the wizard used didn’t matter, the results were the same. Kameron’s voice could be clearly heard by everyone in the courtyard. But only his voice, either the item or the spell only encompassed him, so only his side of the conversations could be heard. And so everyone heard half of the king’s conversation. And during the rare occasions when Kameron needed to discuss something privately, he seemed able to disable the enchantment. Every time his words cut off, Sylvia mutter thanks. But in the end nothing her employer said alarmed her.

After a quick scan of the perilous path, Sylvia surreptitiously stood up on her limbs and quickly stretching her body. Fortunately, now that the sun started its journey under the far horizon, Sylvia decided that she could risk a little movement. So she rose to her paws and with bent limbs stayed in the shadows, and out of sight from anyone who might be observing her perch. As the lingering doom intensified, Sylvia began looking over at her employer more frequently. And with half an ear she heard Kameron start giving his thanks to the people who came. That always marked the end of his nights. She knew he would be departing for the more secured innards of his castle.

With a long sigh of relief, Sylvia became content that she read too much into the rumors and let her fears run wild. And she was looking for a path to escape when she heard the unmistakable pop and crack from one of her traps over the dwindling din. Instantly her body and mind became fully aware of her surroundings, focusing herself to the path below. She knew that one of the incoming assassins was never going to be an issue. Sylvia thought she was able to pick up the slight whistle of the trap’s magical barrier expand to seal that path off. But that could have been her imagination.

Sylvia risked a glance at Kameron, and she was thankful to see him ditch something as he ordered men around him. Sylvia turned her attention back to her path. She knew that Kameron saw the explosion. Just as she knew he would be busy pulling his guards and wizards closer to him for protection. Sylvia couldn’t afford to be distracted, she needed to ensure that no one rushed him from this path. Sylvia crouched closer to the wooden surface when she saw a hooded man appeared from the blind corner that she studied. Without pause, she dropped down to the ground and issued a deep, stomach curdling growl at the man as she bared his way forward.

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