Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
The hooded man halted at her appearance and took a couple of steps backward at her roar. The faceless man stared at Sylvia and shuffled his feet to broaden his stance. She could hear him mutter a curse, but he took in a breath and then warily addressed Sylvia, “Calm down little kitty.”

Sylvia cocked her head and bared her teeth and let out another growl. The man backed up another pace and raised his hands. In the ensuing silence, Sylvia realized what she couldn’t hear. The chattering group of people was silent. Sylvia kept her eyes on the hooded figure and reached out with her hearing and found nothing. The utter silence sent a shiver running down her spine. But she readied herself to pounce at the stranger as she issued a growl louder and deeper than before.

The hooded man kept one of his hands outstretched and slowly brought the other to his chest, making a fist as it traveled. After touching the fist to his chest, he slowly spread his fingers as wide as he could and bowed his head shouting, “Ken-ta!”

Sylvia pounced at him just as his fingers spread, she knew that the hooded man was up to something. But his action happened faster than her attack. Once the syllables left his mouth, the world around her seemed to slow to a crawl. And with that, she knew the figure was a wizard, with serious talent. And she knew that her once deadly pounce towards the hooded man would fail. She saw the smile forming on his lips spread over moments. Then the figure sidestepped the attack, and with a tip of his head, the figure took of unbelievable speed. Sylvia attempted to alter the course of her attack to strike at the man’s chest, but the second attempt failed as completely as her pounce. Sylvia started to close her eyes and tuck into a diving roll, she knew that a spell this powerful wouldn’t last long.

After the man took a few steps, time began to march at a normal speed. And as Sylvia turned her attack into a rolling dive, she assumed her humanoid form with some improvements. She kept the improved eyesight and forced her muscles to become dense and stronger. When she came up from her roll, she turned and began racing after the hooded figure. Sylvia ran, and the distance the wizard gained vanished. But she needed to prevent the mage from surprising her again. So she reached up to her necklace and touched it and mentally shouted the correct command.

A smile began to spread across her lips as a warmth spread throughout her body. The necklace was her most prized possession. Like all her magical equipment, Gregor created the necklace to her requirements. Of course, Gregor charged her for it, but for one of the commands he imbued into the trinket the price proved worth it. The trinket paid for itself time after time, and it would help her now. Sylvia knew how much of an advantage she would hold over a wizard when his magic would slide right off her for a time.

With her protection enabled, she looked past the hooded figure. She searched for Kameron and cursed when she couldn’t find him immediately. As she closed to an arm’s length of the man, she heard the pop and crack from her second trap. She almost stumbled at the sudden noise, whoever was helping the wizard managed to bypass her first trap. Her stomach twisted upon itself as the realization of the influence these people wielded. It took a lot of power to break through Gregor’s barriers. She looked at the back of the figure who took advantage of the slight stumble, and she knew she needed to cut him off to secure Kameron’s safety. Her boosted musculature might be enough, but at this point, doubt crept into her heart. Sylvia pushed the doubt from her mind and touched at the necklace and issued the second of three possible commands. Instantly a vast reserve of energy and power flooded into her body.

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