Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
Thanks to both sources of power, Sylvia ran so fast that the distance between them vanished in a moment. Then she crouched down and leapt as high and as far as she could. Sylvia arced high overhead of the figure and landed far in front of the robed assassin, bringing him to an abrupt halt. The suddenness of the motion caused the hood to fall back, letting Sylvia see his face. His mouth fell at the display of ability, but he closed it a moment later, and he pulled the hood back over his head. When he pulled his hands away from the hood, the man spoke calmly, “That was actually impressive my dear.”

Sylvia growled and dropped into a fighting stance.

The man pointed roughly toward the other path and asked, “Should I assume that you are responsible for those two fireworks?”

Silently Sylvia widened her fingers, and the fingertips morphed into claws. She ran each set through the nearby wall, and they sliced through the wood like they were made of paper. She settled herself back into her fighting stance and answered the assassin, “Yes, I’m responsible for those explosions.”

With a nod of respect, the man looked nervous as he talked with Sylvia, “We were supposed to be able to crash upon Kameron without issue.”

“Best laid plans,” Sylvia said.

“You’re right,” the assassin muttered. Then the hooded man straightened himself and asked, “You aren’t a member of his guard, are you?”

“No,” Sylvia said as she adjusted her stance in response to his own slight adjustment.

Noticing her subtle movements, the man spoke with respect, “You really are terrific. Please step aside, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Sylvia stood motionless and silent.

The assassin forced more raw emotion into his voice and said, “If you step aside now, I promise you that you won’t be harmed.”

Sylvia kept matching his constant movements, ensuring that she would be ready to strike the moment he tried anything. As the two mirrored each other Sylvia replied matching his previous respect, “You’re trying to kill my employer, and that’s something I can’t allow.”

The assassin saw that no possible way to get around her. He took a deep breath as he forced one hand forward. Then he drew his other fist to his chest, and as he began to spread them wide, he shouted, “Ken-ta!” This time as time around them began to slow, she allowed him to think that she fell into the trap again. Instead of taunting her this time, he moved with average speed as he tried to make a break for it. But Sylvia deftly sidestepped in front of him and struck at his stomach with her claws.

He saw her motion, and the assassin managed to deflect the blow from lethal to life-threatening. Three of her claws tore into his stomach, digging little furrows into his flesh. The wizard fled backward, and his hand clutched at the wounds. Blood ran out from under the man’s fingers. He pulled his hand away and saw the damage of the strike.

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