Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
“If you turn around now,” Sylvia said, mocking the assassin. “I’ll let you live.”

With a grunt of pain, the wizard muttered, “This won’t stop me.”

“I can’t promise your safety if you press me,” Sylvia said as she prepared to counter his next move.

He pressed his hand back against his stomach, and Sylvia saw more blood trickle out from around his fingers. The assassin looked at Sylvia, and with a grim expression said, “You’re certainly impressive. Kameron must be paying you a substantial amount to secure your services.”

“He does,” Sylvia answered pride brisling through her voice. “And I’m worth every bit of it.”

“You certainly are,” the man said as he shifted his gaze from her to his wound and then back. “I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re leaving me with little choice.” He clenched a fist in front of his face as he cried out, “Gen-Kai!” And in the next instant, Sylvia could tell that that the man’s musculature developed despite the flowing robes obscuring the fact. And with greater speed and strength, he tried to strike at her head. However, even with his increased speed and power, she easily dodged the strikes and sought her own counterstrikes. With an effort, the assassin avoided her own deft attacks just not as effortlessly as she could.

Sylvia took a couple of steps backward to put herself into an excellent position to pounce at him before she retorted, “You aren’t going to get past me, mage.”

He stood there for a moment and studied her. The assassin pressed his hand against his stomach and drew in a deep breath. The killer loomed over Sylvia’s crouched form and said, “You’re impressive, and you have a potent item hanging around your neck. It’s a compelling item. But in the end I will get past you, nothing you can do will stop someone possessed with the single-minded determination of the persecuted.”

“Say what you want, mage, but I have a job to do, and I’ve never failed in my job, and I certainly don’t plan on starting now.” She inhaled and heard the last pop and crack of her traps. She knew she needed to end this now, so she yelled a battle cry and launched herself at the hooded man. She aimed for his stomach once more, but he ducked under the swing and using her own momentum spun around her. But before he could take a step towards Kameron, Sylvia leapt over him, landing in front of him.

With his frustration building, the man inquired, “How did you manage to get that necklace?” As the words fell from his mouth, he made a feint to get her to position herself poorly. Once she reacted to his feint, he struck at the side that he thought exposed only to find that it wasn’t as exposed as he thought. Her left gauntlet deflected the strike, and her clawed right hand raked across his chest. With a cry of pain, the wizard managed to back away. Sylvia looked at the wound and snarled at the scratch instead of the deadly wound she intended to inflict.

He placed a hand across his chest and muttered something else, and the scratches she could see began to knit themselves closed. She nodded as she began to understand how skilled as she was. She changed her stance, attempting to tempt him into a charge, but he recognized the invitation and stood his ground. Staying in that inviting stance, she made a come-hither motion with one of her fingers.

The motion managed to do precisely what Sylvia wanted, and she could see the fire build behind the man’s eyes. She could see him calculating the rest of the fight. Yet for some reason a moment later he charged her. When he closed to within striking distance, she dropped down and threw her leg out and spun around, managing to sweep his legs out from under him. As he was falling, she answered his question, “I got it in trade.” When the man hit the ground, she leaped back and landed on her feet and once again positioned herself between her employer and the attacking mage.

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