Harrison & Sylvia, Part Six

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Part Six
With a grunt, the man stood up and dusted himself off. He drew himself up to his full height and stared down at Sylvia. She could see his acknowledgment of her skill in his eyes, but she also saw his determination. With calmness in his voice, he addressed Sylvia, “You are quite the talented woman, little one. However, I already told you I will not be stopped. Your skill has forced me into this action. Know that this is the ultimate form of respect I can give anyone.”

Keeping him in her sight, she retorted, “You keep saying things like that, but every time I keep you from my employer. You won’t get past me.”

With a grim nod, the man stretched his arms out as wide as he could and cried out, “Hen-Fain! Des-Rin!” He stood there for a moment and then gestured to her in the same way she had. But unlike him, she did not take the bait and kept herself between the would-be assassin and her employer. But he continued to hold there daring her to strike. She cautiously began to approach, and when she was within striking distance, she swiped across his chest.

And he stood his ground. Yet Sylvia’s strike passed right through him, and before she could react, the wizard ran through her body towards his goal. Sylvia spun and cursed as and once more chased after the assassin.

Past the mage, she managed to see the ring surrounding Kameron tighten as the assassin drew closer. She reached up to her necklace and touching it mentally issued the final command and time seemed to slow down as she tried to run past the assassin. She watched him strike down five of the protective ring with precise strikes, and not even one of their blades harmed him. The burst she got from the necklace ended just as she came upon the mass of people. But he was still insubstantial, and her strike once again harmlessly went through his ack.

Sylvia adjusted her tactics and tried to push Kameron away from the assassin, but she was too late. And she witnessed the assassin’s blade run through Kameron’s stomach. His eyes instantly went slack, and Sylvia collided with Kameron’s body in time to dislodge it from the blade. Sylvia forced the body to the ground, but before anyone else could react, she jumped to her feet looking for the assassin. When she found him, she instantly resumed her feline form and pounced her claws seeking the man’s side. And this time instead of going through him her jaws and claws found their mark, though not as deep as they should have.

The assassin cried out “Jen-Tou,” and a small explosion went off in front of her muzzle, forcing her to release him. Once free, the man cried out another spell, “Ken-ta!” Once more time around the man slowed. He used it to his advantage, patching himself up and fleeing through the crowd. When Sylvia recovered from the explosion, she managed to catch sight of his disappearing form. She began to chase after the man when the remnants of Kameron’s guard reacted. Only they didn’t chase the wizard, they focused on her presence. They saw her transform and assumed that Sylvia had helped to kill their king. She was about to leap over them to pursue the assassin when a slew of blunted arrows struck her. A couple of lucky shots collided with her head, rendering her unconscious. As she collapsed, her body shifted back to her humanoid form.

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