Harrison & Sylvia, Part Seven

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Part Seven
Unfazed, the messenger pulled a missive from within his coat, “It’s a claim that I make honestly.” Then he handed the message to Harrison with the reverence customarily seen when handling a fragile statuette.

Harrison looked at the letter, and cautiously took the message and looked at the king’s seal.

“Are you sure you’re not looking for my father? I’m not typically the one to float in those circles.”

“It’s for you.” The messenger said in earnest.

Harrison looked at the sealed letter as the realization that the king of the isles wanted something from him. He quickly walked over to the desk on the library, as he began to wonder what the king could possibly want with him. Harrison deftly picked up the thin blade and slipped it under the seal. With careful motions, he worked the knife’s edge under the wax and separated the seal from the paper, managing to keep it intact. Harrison unfolded the paper and read the succinct message.

Come I have need of your services, Jacob King of the Isles.

After reading the short missive, he looked up to the messenger and asked, “Is he expecting a written response?”

“No,” the messenger shook his head before he continued. “A verbal one will suffice.”

With a nod, Harrison looked down at the missive and replied the only way he could, “Then please inform the king that I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Without another word, the messenger gave a slight bow before he left the room. After a short interval, Lucius returned, asking, “Master Harrison, is everything okay?”

Staring at the missive, Harrison answered the steward. “Yes, Lucius, everything is fine. Please let my father know I need to see him immediately.”

“Would you like him to come here?”

“No,” Harrison answered promptly. He thought for a moment and then asked, “Is he in his office?”

“Yes, master Harrison.”

Harrison nodded as he spoke, “Then let him know I’ll be there shortly.”

“Yes, master Harrison.” The steward said as he gave Harrison a bow before leaving to deliver Harrison’s message to his father.

Harrison knew that his father wouldn’t object to his going to the king’s isle, not with this missive, so he carefully collected the seal and the message. He took a step towards the door, and the letter in his pocket shifted in his pocket. He reached into his coat and squeezed the letter being careful not to damage the precious message. Harrison knew precisely what he would tell Kylee in his reply, and the thought brought a smile to his lips. He looked from the letter to what he held in his hands and put the idea out of his mind for the moment and quickly went to his father’s office. When Harrison entered the hall that would lead him to his father’s study, he saw Lucius standing next to his father’s office waiting for Harrison, and when he came within an arm’s length, Lucius spoke. “Your father will see you, master Harrison.”

“I figured he would, please if you would open the door, Lucius.”

With a nod, Lucius opened the door, but before Lucius could introduce him, Harrison grabbed the man’s shoulder and gave him a shushing motion. The steward gave Harrison a slight nod before leaving. Harrison leaned against the door frame and announced himself, “Father, I received a missive from the king of the Isles.”

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