Harrison & Sylvia, Part Seven

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Part Seven
His father looked up from the neatly ordered paperwork on his desk and asked, “Why would the king want to see you?”

Harrison walked over to his father’s desk, striving to keep the manic grin from erupting. With reverence, he placed the seal and the missive on top of his father’s work. “I honestly have no idea father. All I know is that he has a need of my services.”

His father glared at his son as he blindly took up the short letter. Silently he looked down at the paper in his hands and examined them. After his examination, he looked up at his son and chirped, “This is definitely the king’s seal, and it is his hand.”

Harrison tilted his head before he asked, “Does he do this kind of thing often?”

“No, I’ve never known him to be this terse.” Harrison’s father said as he put the missive and seal back upon his desk before he leaned back in his chair and added his own thought. “My best guess is that the king doesn’t want people to know why he wants you.” His father reached up to his scratch his chin before he finished the thought. “Which would suggest that he knows about your hobby and has something for you to work on.”

“And how would he know about that?”

With a disapproving look, his father answered his son’s question. “Do you forget that I paraded you around the nobles on his isle?”

“How could I forget?” Harrison asked rhetorically.

His father ignored the question and continued, “They all talk and the king listens.” His father stood up and walked around the desk so he could grab his son’s shoulders before he went on. “Go, I’ll have Lucius ready the yacht to take you to the isle tonight.” Turning his father pulled on the rope next to his desk, and within moments, one of the servants entered the room, but before he could speak, Harrison’s father ordered. “Go fetch Lucius.”

“Yes, sir.” The man said as he bowed deeply.

Turning back to face Harrison, his father commanded, “Go pack and then head down to the yacht at once, Harrison.”

“Yes, father,” Harrison said as he left, and he rushed to his room. He rushed to his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper and penned his reply to Kylee. With his return to the King’s Isle, Harrison would find the time he needed so he could visit her. With his response to Kylee in hand, Harrison approached the docks as the yacht finished its own preparations for departure.

His father must have ensured the best of his sailors since the yacht coasted into the family docks on the King’s Isle far swifter than usual. Either that or the boat eagerly obeyed his father’s will. The crew quickly lashed the yacht to the docks and lowered the gangplank for Harrison. As he walked down it, Harrison froze when he caught sight of Gabriel. He shook his head, scurried to the pier, “How did you know that I would be arriving, Gabriel?”

Gabriel handed Harrison a missive.

Harrison will be arriving shortly, please ensure that he makes his way to the King’s Manner as quickly as possible.

He crumbled the paper in his hand and glared into the steward’s eyes. “I assume this means that the coach is already prepared for me.”

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