Harrison & Sylvia, Part Seven

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Part Seven
“Of course,” Gabriel said as he walked away from the family’s docks. “Please come with me, master Harrison.”

Harrison grabbed the steward’s arm and spun him around. He offered the letter to the steward commanding, “I want you to post this letter to Kylee immediately.”

Inclining his head, Gabriel replied, “Yes, sir. But you must hurry to comply with your father’s command.”

Harrison nodded as he stalked after the steward to the family’s swiftest carriage. Gabriel loaded Harrison into it, and the driver spurred the horses into action.

The coach swiftly carried him to the King’s Manner, and he walked up to it and was ushered inside, where he waited. And he continued to wait in the main hall. While he paced the length, his eyes furrowed, and he muttered, “I should have insisted on grabbing a book or two from the library. Then I would’ve had something to occupy myself while I waited for the king.”

He turned around and stared at the far wall and raked his hands through his hair. He bit at his lip and stalked towards the far wall, studying the tapestries in this room. After a cursory examination of all the hangings, Harrison started a more detailed one. Then he dismissed the artwork hanging on the wall, he spun and walked towards the one that captivated his mind. Harrison stopped in front of the tapestry and began studying it once more when he heard a knock come from behind him. Harrison spun around and saw the king standing there, studying him as he surveyed the tapestry. It took him a moment to remember himself, but Harrison finally did, and he offered his lord a sincere bow as he spoke clearly, “My Lord.”

“Harrison, I know that you are not normally this formal. And to be honest, I think I would prefer to have at least one man in this place that treated me like a man rather than a lord.” The King walked towards Harrison, saying, “Please dispense with the formality.”

Straightening up, Harrison looked upon his king, and saw the man behind the crown and smiled as he requested confirmation of what he had just heard. “You would like me to be informal?”

“Yes, Harrison, as I mentioned I’ve heard that you care little for it anyway.” The king said with a slight flourish of his hands.

“Thank you, sir,” Harrison said as his face took on the highest of reddish hues despite his effort.

The king dismissed Harrison’s embarrassment and corrected him, “Harrison, please call me Jacob.”

“Thank you, Jacob,” Harrison said as he watched the king walk to a small desk tucked away in a corner of the room. “Though I must say, I would like to know why you required my presence?”

Jacob retrieved something from the desk and sauntered towards Harrison. When he came within a few feet, Jacob tossed a small object to Harrison, who caught the small object deftly. Harrison examined the little cube and found sigils on each side. Each sigil was different and a different color, it also felt far more substantial than it should have been. When Harrison was finished with the examination, he looked up at Jacob, asking, “What’s this?”

“Press the red sigil,” Jacob commanded as he leaned against the edge of a nearby table.

Harrison turned the cube in his hands until he found the red sigil and after a quick look at a nodding Jacob pressed the red sigil. Instantly Harrison could feel a pressure building up around him. The feeling made him nervous, and when he looked up to ask the king a question, he saw Jacob pointing a small crossbow at him. Before Harrison could say anything, Jacob pulled the crossbow’s trigger. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Harrison watched the bolt fly from the weapon as it raced towards him. The king had requested his presence, and now that he had arrived the king attempted to take his life. Though before he had another thought, the bolt hit something in front of him and shattered. As the shaft splintered, the scattering shards bounced off the same protective barrier.

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