Harrison & Sylvia, Part Seven

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Part Seven
The king lowered the crossbow, and with a smile upon his face walked over to Harrison. Clapping Harrison’s back, the king casually asked, “I trust that served as an excellent demonstration of the cube’s power?”

“I would agree with you, Jacob,” Harrison said, trying to keep his voice as steady as possible. He looked at the remnants of bolts being tread upon by the king then shifted his eyes to the cube in his hand. Without looking up at the man who had sent a bolt at him asked, “What is this?”

“Press the black sigil, Harrison.” The king ordered, and as soon as Harrison pressed the sigil the pressure, he had felt vanished. And the king reached down and plucked the relic from Harrison’s hand. “I trust that you know it’s a relic, and you’re simply asking what it’s capable of doing.” Harrison quickly nodded before the king continued. “Aside from those two functions, no one knows what the cube is capable of doing, and we only have the one.”

Harrison looked up into the king’s eyes as he asked, “Do you want me to make more of these?”

Jacob rubbed his chin with the hand holding the cube and thought about the question for a moment. “Yes, I would love to have more of these, but I know that it would be quite impossible to achieve the same protection that the cube can provide. No, what I want is to be able to protect my family and unfortunately, that cube can only protect a single person at a time.”

Upon hearing the words, Harrison found himself asking, “Have there been any…”

Jacob waved away the rest of Harrison’s question as he emphatically answered the unfinished question, “There are always threats upon my family and me, especially with the war brewing on the western continent.”


Jacob reached out and squeezing both of Harrison’s shoulders as the king locked his eyes squarely upon Harrison’s own and said, “Harrison, I thank you for your concern. But there is something you can do.” He pulled his hand, still clutching upon the cube away and brandished it once again.

Harrison understood the request and stammered through his response, “Jacob… I wouldn’t be able…”

“To copy it exactly?” The king concluded.

“Yes Jacob,” Harrison said his voice finally regaining its usual steadiness. Looking from the cube back to Jacob’s eyes, Harrison finished the thought, “I know I can’t replicate this cube. It’s too powerful.”

“I understand the limitations, Harrison.” The king said in a friendly voice. Returning the stone to his pocket, he went on, “What I’m looking for is something that mimics it as best as we can achieve. Something that isn’t a full suit of plate mail which is too thick for everyday use. I want something my family can wear all the time that will protect them from something like the crossbow bolt I just shot at you.”

“You want to block the entire body from incoming arrows or bolts?”

“Yes, and if possible knives and other sharp instruments.”

“Like throwing knives?”

“Yes, but also no. If possible, I would like this to protect from all forms of bladed weapons. When you had the cube, you could feel the pressure against you, right?”


“Harrison, you should that nothing would have been able to injure you while you felt that pressure.”

With an involuntary laugh, Harrison asked, “So you’re looking for total protection, from anything?”

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