Harrison & Sylvia, Part Seven

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Part Seven
With a smile of his own Jacob responded, “I will admit that the most likely thing that you would have to protect my family from is either arrows or crossbow bolts. But if you can protect us against knives, swords or any other bladed weapon that would be a fantastic benefit. And before you ask, I do understand that protecting the face might be difficult, and if you must leave it unprotected, I am okay with that. After all, at a distance, the face would be a difficult target to hit. Now with all that being said, do you think you can do it, Harrison?”

Taking in a deep breath, Harrison thought about the king’s request, though he didn’t know how he would accomplish it. But he wanted to try and figure it out, so he answered the king with only a little trepidation in his voice. “I’ll do my best Jacob.”

“Though I suppose when it comes to relics, all someone can ask for is to do their best.” He offered Harrison his hand, which Harrison grasped immediately, and the king continued, “Thank you, Harrison. Would you like my attendants to go retrieve your belongings from your family’s villa so you can start right away?”

“Actually Jacob, I would prefer to work at my family’s villa. I have some very delicate materials there that would not be moved easily.”

With a nod, the king remarked, “Very well, I understand that. In that case, I’ll have an attendant check on you daily. But the relic stays here.”

“But what if I need…”

“Then you will simply have to come here to examine it.”

Biting his lower lip, Harrison replied, “While I would like to bring it with me, I do understand the requirement, Jacob.”


Harrison saw the joy in the king’s eyes, so he asked him a very pointed question, “How quickly were you hoping for me to have this relic replicated?”

“As soon as you can develop it.” The Lord said as he extended his hand once again.

Harrison took it once more as he replied, “Like I said, Jacob, I’ll do my best.” And once Harrison let go of the king’s hand, Jacob turned around and made his way out of the hall. Harrison only vaguely realized the king’s departure as his mind began toiling at the problem at hand. Eventually, one of Jacob’s attendants escorted him to his carriage all the while he thought about how he could produce something that could accomplish what the king wanted.

“I’m very disappointed, Harrison,” Jacob said as his smile slipped into a scowl.

Rubbing at his neck vigorously, Harrison elaborated, “I’ve been diligently working on this, Jacob.”

“I’m a patient man, Harrison,” the king stated as his scowl deepened. Jacob fluidly walked to Harrison and gripped his shoulder, “Harrison, I don’t have an endless supply of it, and you’re rapidly reaching the end of mine.”

“Jacob, I’m doing all that I can,” Harrison protested as he bowed his head.

“I expected results by now with your reputation,” the king said as he emphasized his words squeezing Harrison’s shoulder.

Harrison’s eyes darted around the room as he tried to shrink away from the grip. “I told you that I might not be able to replicate the relic, Jacob.”

“Do better,” Jacob demanded as he released Harrison’s shoulder.

“I’m doing the best that I can,” Harrison mentioned.

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