Kevin Holland is a widower with two young boys, Michael and his younger brother Kyle. They have a normal life, Kevin works hard enough so that he can give his two children good lives. And his two boys study diligently, to reward their father for his hard work. And when Kevin needs some hand because of the strain of being a single father, he is able to call his friend, Colin Turner. He always seems ready and willing to lend Kevin a helping hand from picking up the boys to helping them with their homework to feeding them.

As the Hollands are busy living these lives, a monster is busy preparing a special room for them in his home. Once he has finished his work making their accommodations, he begins to ensure that the Hollands are aware that someone is with them as they sleep. During the first visit as the monster walks among their sleeping forms he takes his first trophy right from Kevin’s bedroom as the father sleeps a few feet away.

The police are called in to investigate, but the man who has begun to terrorize the Hollands does so without fear of being caught, especially since he visits without leaving a trace. Eventually, Kevin Holland along with his friend Colin Turner manage to make enough complaints to the police, that their best inspector, Michael Phillip Todd, is assigned to the investigation. However, with the police’s initial delay the question remains if the investigator will have enough time to be able to do enough to save the Hollands now that the monster begins to show his true intentions.