Kickstarter: Drawing Thin, Knavish and Harrison & Sylvia

I am closing in on a few projects, two books Drawing Thin and Knavish. Drawing Thin is a sequel to Dead Man’s Hand and picks up right where it left off, while Knavish is my first attempt at a psychological thriller. My other major project is a collection of twelve short stories entitled Harrison & Sylvia, I will be publishing these once a month over the entirety of 2019.

Each of the three projects is so different from the other, they each forced me to stretch my writing muscles even the sequel. I had so much fun getting the two novels so close to the end, for Drawing Thin I have started to get feedback from my beta readers and it looks like I managed to tell another gripping tale, though I’m sure I’ll have plenty of edits to do. And with Knavish I have been told by multiple people that I can nail the creepy factor, which for what that story is trying to do is a good thing. I am a little behind with my collection of short stories, but I am pushing myself, and I should have those into the hands of beta readers soon.

I look at where each of those projects started at the beginning of the year, and I am amazed that I have been able to steer those projects as far as I have with the rest of my life taking the time that it does, but I managed it somehow. Now with the finish line rapidly approaching I had begun to look around I just do not have the same kind of funds that I did when I worked so diligently to publish Dead Man’s Hand. I have been trying to look for deals and favors to get the last few things done for my upcoming work. Then a couple of days ago I remembered something that opened my mind, Kickstarter is a thing. So I began to think could I try and get the needed work done for my books and stories if I used this fantastic tool to fund the work.

Well I thought about it for a little while, and I eventually decided to give it a go, and I signed up for a Kickstarter profile. Why did I sign up? Well, I think there are people out there who still enjoy fantastic stories. That is my first goal to create stories that pull people in and captivate them from the first word to the last. Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy, so I need work with other people to be able to make my work be the best it can be. And that is what Kickstarter does best. It brings creators together with people who are excited about what they are creating. The world at large can look upon a creator and say, we are going to help you bring your creation to the rest of the world.

As I continued to think about it, I got even more excited about trying it, so I sat down and started to think about what I needed to do. Well, first I needed to define how I was going to reward anyone who decides to back my project. So I took my time, and I made a list of potential rewards, to see every tier please go to my project by clicking here could do for rewarding those who choose to back my upcoming work. Well, I think I came up with a fantastic set of rewards, ranging from digital copies of all of the covers for the stories I plan to publish next year to rewarding up to five people with bringing them into some of my future work.

And as I went to get the URL for my project, to include in this post, I found that someone had already decided to back my project, and I smiled. I hope that my project is able to reach its goal so I can bring these stories the same quality of care as I did with my first. Thank you all for reading this post, please take some time and visit my project page and look through the rewards and make a backing that feels right to you.