Harrison & Sylvia Part Two

Last month the mysterious Sylvia was introduced in her first story. Her entrance was grand as she thwarted an angry citizen’s attempt to kill her employer. This month we will be stepping away from her story to introduce Harrison’s story arc...

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Shaw's Outset

Daniel Shaw sauntered into the Lost Flask, holding his breath. The man disliked coming to this establishment, it attracted too many truly disreputable people. Unfortunately, the man who had hired him had insisted upon using this establishment. From the moment they had acquired the goods Daniel had been reasonably confident that he was being set up, but walking into this place confirmed that in his eyes. He quickly walked over to an empty booth with a decent view of the entrance and waited for the trap to spring.

While he waited, Daniel lifted one of the utensils in front of him and was surprised to find a spork in his hand. He shook his head as he traded the odd utensil for his phone, and so he could send a message to his crew instructing them to be ready. He leaned back in his booth and examined the lanky yet well-groomed man who entered the tavern. His entire demeanor screamed that he was used to getting his own way...

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Jonathin Quackup, Issue 3

It was time to pull out Jonathin Quackup, Issue 3 out and read the book that alerted me to this series. While this entry brought me to the world of Weralt, it was after reading the first two issues, that I became excited about reading this issue. So once again I found a nice quiet place and opened up the book and began thumbing through the digital pages soaking in all the artwork. Just like the previous books the artwork was crisp and clean to the point that I had a rough idea of what the story was without reading any of the text.

The first page delved into a brief overview of what happened during the previous two books. And then the story continued into the piece of the story it was dedicated to, Jonathin’s travel into the north...

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First Stop

As the craft sailed through the stars, Rylan kept to himself whenever he could despite having made a few friendships among the crew. Since there were plenty in the group who thought he had sabotaged the platform the captain kept him from any real duties. So he tended to keep himself busy using the gym equipment that had been unpacked once the ship exited the atmosphere. He was getting dressed after an intense workout when he heard the captain’s announcement. “We will be dropping into the Latrian system in an hour. Once there it should take another couple of hours to enter planetary orbit. Landing crew report to shuttle bay one to prepare.”

Rylan smiled as he quickly finished getting dressed and then promptly reported to the shuttle bay. It had taken two and a half weeks to get to the first stop on the journey. When he arrived at the shuttle bay, he was greeted by Marcus, who still distrusted the technician...

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My Patreon Site

I love crafting stories. It is a transcendent experience for me, to craft tales that people genuinely enjoy reading. Unfortunately, keeping up the pace I that I want to is not always entirely smooth sailing. I knew there would be plenty of small expenses to keep this dream alive and I fully embrace them. But for anyone who has found my site and enjoyed my collection of flash fiction, short stories, reviews, thoughts and musings, I will ask you to consider helping me to keep the lights on and the content coming...

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