Somber Hollowing

With my first Patreon tale completed, I turned my attention to working on my second story, a Historical Fiction. I’ve gotten this genre a few times and they are always fun. They require a lot of work, but they’re enjoyable to craft. The last one I wrote in this genre was Letters for the NYC Midnight competition. Just like with Letters, I dug into the history of the period to graft clues to ground the piece in its place in history...

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Bombing Run

“Why do we need the escort?” The navigator asked while she referenced her map.

The pilot’s fingers tightened around the steering yoke as he inquired, “Aside from us being at war?”

“Their aircraft aren’t as advanced as ours, Erik,” she said, leaning into her seat. The young woman pulled her legs onto the edge of the chair, wrapping them up with her arms.

“True,” Erik hedged. “Unfortunately, that’s not the only aspect of warfare. But their sorcery far outstrips ours.”

“What can five witches do for us?”

Erik covered his mouth, stifling a yawn, then snatched the microphone from the console and switched channels...

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I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year. When I collected the votes from the Patreon Poll for January, I was excited to work on the Crime Caper. I’ve gotten a few of those recently, so I count on everybody being ready to revisit Jessica in her latest transgression...

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Seeking Compromise

With the colony of Nova beginning to thrive, Nathaniel has to diffuse another volatile situation with the leader of the Eastern Region. Kethra complains about her region’s inability to meet their quota, citing that she doesn’t have the people she needs to achieve the desired results. He saddles up his trusty mount and heads to Marcus’s ranch to speak with his friend...

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While the triumvirs of Aurora are orchestrating their fledgling colonization effort, they await the return of their ships. With most of the scans of the solar system’s planets and moons in hand, the leaders are waiting for the completion of the last steps for starting their first colony...

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