Plummeting Skirmish

Tired and exhausted Glen pressed the down button. And when there wasn’t an immediate ding, he groaned. After a long day, all Glen wanted to do was go home and collapse into his bed and sleep. Glen stumbled to the folding chair propped against the wall across from the elevator. He opened the chair and sat down, while he waited for the old and creeping elevator to arrive. And after what felt like an interminable wait, the elevator’s bell dinged. So, Glen stood up and put the chair back against the wall.

As the doors slid apart, Glen noticed a man and a woman riding in the car. He waited for a moment, but neither of them moved to get out of the car, so he walked in. With a glance at the floor buttons, Glen saw that the only floor selected was the ground floor...

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Elven Aid

Keldon stared at the arrows pointing at him. As he took a small step to look around him all the arrows were pulled back in their bows. Keldon raised his hands gesturing his surrender to their will. “I’m not looking for a fight.”
“Why are you here?” Asked one of the creatures holding the bows.
Keldon tried to take a step to face where the voice came from. And as his leg twitched an arrow embedded itself into the ground next to his leg. Keldon reached down and felt the torn fabric as he heard another voice echo in the dark forest. “You will not be warned again, do not move at all...

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The Spark

Running home a pudgy little boy, Darren Gilbert, fled from his bullies. He decided to risk taking his shortcut home, sure that they didn’t know about it. As he drew closer, he churned his legs faster even after he turned down the alley. As he ran past a dumpster, he risked a glance behind him. Unfortunately, Darren collided with someone falling to the ground. As Darren Gilbert tried to climb to his feet an all to familiar voice taunted him. “So you thought we didn’t know about this shortcut of yours.”

“Oh, no,” Darren muttered as he lifted his eyes to Dolmen’s...

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Drawing Thin Update

Journeys are all about the experience. No matter where you are going or what you are doing the trip will always be a part of the experience. When I published Dead Man’s Hand, I remember being on cloud nine at every major milestone...

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Harrison & Sylvia Part Four

Last month we witnessed one of Harrison’s mad scientist moments, while he was studying a relic. This month the spotlight shifts back to Sylvia, who last we saw saved the life of her employer, pouncing on the would-be assassin. It turned out that the man was irate over what the king did to his sibling. And when the dust settled from the attempt, the king ordered the man’s execution...

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