My first Patreon story for the month is a Ghost Story. It focuses on Leonard and his journey to move on…..

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NYC Midnight Update

This morning, I woke up and saw an email from NYC Midnight, with the subject Challenge #1 Results, and I got anxious. Back in July, I completed my first story for their annual flash fiction competition, and when I saw my prompt, I got nervous. Comedy isn’t my forte. At first, I didn’t know how I would put it in a movie theater, let alone have a sword present. But I buckled down and completed my tale, to the best of my ability. I submitted the story back on July 14th and tried to put it out of my mind...

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Harrison & Sylvia Part Nine

Last month we saw Harrison’s ascension to the court of the King of the Isles. He transformed his discovered material into a protective suit. Now the attention turns back to Sylvia and her journey...

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Birthday Blowout

Wrapping her hands around Damien, Jasmine asked, “Are you excited about the movie?”

“I am,” he replied as he broke her grip, “I was worried that you were going to be late.”

“It’s my birthday, and you didn’t wait outside for me. Just because you had your own ticket…” Jasmine teased with a grin. Her hand absently brushed against her pendant as she continued, “Now can we go watch our movie.”

Moving her hand aside, he lifted the pendant, “What’s this, babe?”..

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Cederic’s team is heading back to the world of life. But none of them want to go back to there. Unfortunately, the captain has told them to return for more information. Specifically, he wants to know more about the life on the planet. Will the team be able to steer clear of the winged serpent? Or will the monster claim their shuttle to gather the requested information?..

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