National Novel Writing Month Update

I never heard about National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, until earlier this year. My friend mentioned it when I talked with him about the upcoming NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition. Since I’m trying to develop my prose, I gave it a look. The history of this non-profit slapped me in the face. NaNoWriMo was founded back in 1999 with a simple idea. It challenged authors to write 50,000 words of a book during the month of November. The premise seems easy enough, but when you factor in that people have lives and other responsibilities, it can be a daunting goal. Since the non-profit’s inception, NaNoWriMo has evolved and grown. Besides the main event, they now have other programs offering new events, such as Camp NaNoWriMo...

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NYC Midnight Update

This year marks the first time that I entered the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition, and I plan on competing for years to come. It was a fantastic opportunity to stretch my writing muscles. Unfortunately, my first assignment was a comedy, which is not my forte. But I crafted a story, Birthday Blowout, that placed within the top fifteen of my group. I got psyched by the result, and I absorbed the feedback from the judges and prepared for the next challenge of round one.

Unlike the initial assignment, when the latest one arrived, I knew how the story would unfold. I took the prompt, Historical Fiction at a school dance with a photo album, and crafted the tale that effortlessly flowed into my mind...

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Tombyards & Butterflies

Tombyards & Butterflies, what do you think of when you hear those two words? For me, I can’t put these two objects together. I can’t picture something as beautiful as a butterfly swarming over a tombyard, not that it’s actually a thing. But that’s besides the point. I’m here to talk about the book Tombyards & Butterflies, A Montague and Strong Detective Agency Novel. Honestly, I don’t remember what possessed me to pick the book up. The author is not one of my regulars, and when I re-read the summary, I’m not sucked into the world. But I’m glad that I pulled the trigger and bought this book...

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Theros, Godsend Part I

Looking back at my youth, I remember two things that I loved, Greek mythology and Magic the Gathering. The stories of divinities and legends fascinated me, and I dove headfirst into those studies. From the Olympian gods to the Titans, I craved more than I ever got in school. Then outside of school, I enjoyed playing Magic with my friends. Though I also relished collecting the cards and the artwork that inked each one. As with everything, these interests began to wane. Fortunately, college allowed me to explore the lore, but my interest in Magic sputtered out.

Well, a couple of years ago, my friend partially pulled me back into the game. While I didn’t have a strong desire to follow his plunge, he captured my attention with one tidbit. He mentioned that one recent series...

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Pending Prohibition

My final Patreon exclusive story for October came up as a political satire. Sitting down at my desk, I mulled over what I could write about but kept coming up short. After banging my head off the wall, I decided to get some guidance and reached back to the past catalog of NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenges and found a prompt. With the skeleton of a story in one hand, I still needed to flesh out the rest of the details. Somehow I needed to come up with a satire that took place in a mayor’s office and featured a magnet...

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