Junkyard Hunt

Groggy Lucas was thrown to the ground in front of a junkyard entrance by his kidnapper. He sat upon the ground dumbfounded as he listened to the man’s blunt words, “I’ll give you a full minute head start.”

Blinking at the bright light of the sun, Lucas dumbfoundedly asked, “What?”

The stranger leaned over Lucas and spoke clearly, “Run.”

“What?” Lucas asked as he tried to steady himself as he lay upon the ground.

The man shouldered his rifle, pulling out a handgun and fired at the ground next to Lucas, who was shocked to full awareness...

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Second Stop

Before the ship left Latria, the captain opened communications with the government back home letting them know about the planet below. They were told to continue on with their journey to Medicia to discover if it shared the same fate as Latria. So while the command crew plotted a course to their next destination, all of the members of the landing crew were reported to the ship’s infirmary. Once there they were forced into isolation so the doctors could ensure that their exposure to the radiation would do no lasting harm.

The trip to Medicia took three weeks, though the landing crew spent the first two in isolation. Only being released when all the tests came up negative did the doctors grudgingly allowed them to leave, as they demanded that their fleeing patients avoid any strenuous duties or activities. Yet as soon as Rylan escaped they containment he was ordered to the captain’s ready room...

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Harrison & Sylvia Part Three

Last month Harrison was introduced, and he displayed his desire to find a way to do what he loved, rather than be a slave to his father’s will. At least that was what he thought, this month we return to Harrison’s story to see how his life has changed as a result of his victory...

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Shaw's Defense

Walking towards the engine room, Daniel could hear Franco yelling at the now-stalled engine. The captain put his hand upon the hallway of his craft and whispered to it apologizing for his engineer’s hostility. When he was fifteen feet of the door, he saw Rachel run out of the room and just avoid getting struck by a random part of the engine as she slid to the ground. Daniel shook his head and helped her up asking, “I take it he’s having issues with the repairs?”

She nudged the piece lying between them with her foot answering, “Just a little it would seem.”

“He told me he would have us flying again in twenty minutes,” Daniel said as he entered the line of fire...

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League of Dragons

Having just forced Napoleon to retreat from Russia, despite the damage inflicted upon their forces from the starving and mistreated dragons freed from the Russian breeding grounds, they were unable to secure his capture. Unfortunately for the Russian troops and countryside, Laurence’s pleas for their conditions were too little too late for them to have claimed the dragons for their side. It also made his life a little uncomfortable, while he was at a party for the Czar, he sucker-punched a nobleman who had talked about poisoning the dragons to be rid of them. By this time most of Laurence’s memories had returned to him, and he was outraged by the man’s behavior, yet knowing he shouldn’t participate in a duel he did anyway bring Hammond along as his second.

He was injured in the exchange due to a misfire, but he was able to recover...

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