Crumbling Walls

Pacing the wall, Tarian stopped when he came to a destroyed section. He ran his fingers along the new edge and looked towards the boulder that ripped through the wall. Thankfully the men stationed there saw the massive rock hurtling towards them. And managed to get out of the way of the boulder as it tore through the wall. Shaking his head, Tarian returned his attention to the massing ranks of monsters. Blinking at the what he thought was a moving tree Tarian’s shoulder’s slumped. He pulled out his telescope and searched for answers. As he followed the steady stream of creatures, he came to the biggest troll he’d seen.

He spun around and barked an order, “I want the five best marksmen we have.”

The soldier nodded and ran to find the marksmen...

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First Lesson

Guiding Darren through the streets, Leodor Sultaser ducked down an alley and positioned the boy behind him while they waited. When the elf resumed his pace, Darren tugged at the man’s sleeve. “Where are we going?”

“I’m leading you to my home.”


“As I told you, Darren. I need to test your commitment...

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Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is a fantastic author. And the arcing story he is telling in his cosmere universe is breathtaking. But he does not spend all his time living in that universe. Which means his faithful readers are treated to tales outside of that story. One such story is Skyward. This particular story centers around the life and struggles of Spensa aka Spin. She is a child who has a simple dream. She wants to follow her father’s footsteps and become a starship pilot. That single goal focused by a desire to help her people in their struggle against their enemy...

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Harrison & Sylvia Part Five

Last month Sylvia was tasked with preparing for a celebration that her employer was going to put on. She felt Kameron was foolish with his decision. But she relented when it became apparent that Kameron was not going to back down. This month we shift back to Harrison and his latest adventure with his familial duties...

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Avengers Endgame

I remember seeing the original Iron Man in theaters and being blown away by the movie. Its story was captivating, and the characters were cast with perfection. Then something extraordinary happened, the first post-credit scene ran. And I remember the chill that ran down my spine. Eleven years ago that scene teased a future movie, The Avengers. But even with that first mention of what was to come, I never expected what would unfold before me. It took a while for the depth of this saga to unfold. But when the credits of Infinity War began to roll, my heart yearned for the then-untitled fourth Avengers film to arrive. It was fortunate that the wait wasn’t too long. But after twenty-one movies in the what has become known as the Infinity Saga. I couldn’t help but wonder how Marvel Studios would manage to tie everything together. And after walking out of the theater on the 27th, the answer was simple. All they needed to do was release Avengers: Endgame...

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