A couple of months after championing the cry to settle on this world, Caitlin began to wonder if she made a mistake. The typical plans quickly failed with trying to settle every settler on the planet, and that created an irate and argumentative people. Every time Caitlin attempted to advance the common goals of some group with their own agenda would block her progress. As a result, the lofty goals that should’ve unified the fledgling world seemed just as unattainable as the day they lost Laria. Looking around the chamber, Caitlin shook her head in awe of the number of people who somehow managed to force themselves into the room, each trying to argue their point. She recognized so many faces and knew them all to be hard workers, but something changed in them. As she slumped in her chair, her mind sought an answer, but she kept circling back to the fact everything changed, which sparked a fear that spread like wildfire throughout Aurora...

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Dwarven Aid

After a long night of searching a tired and nervous Caleb stopped when he came upon a place he could sit and rest his feet. As he relaxed, he deliberately began pulling his weaponry out and giving it a thorough examination. So far as Caleb tried to follow the path when he last crossed paths with the Dwarves all he managed to do was avoid vicious wildlife. With each successful examination, Caleb returned the weapon he found that his nerves calmed down. Once finished Caleb got to his feet and continued his attempt at following the path his last hunt. Unfortunately, this world’s terrain was still too familiar, but Caleb knew the colony required him to succeed in his assignment. With a sigh of frustration, Caleb resumed his search.

As the day wore on Caleb rubbed at his eyes as he forced himself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He needed to find the dwarves, he knew that without their aid the settlement couldn’t stand up to the massing threat...

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Reviewing the Skywalk

Leaning along the edge of the enclosed bridge, Kyle Rickman was staring out into his city. His left hand was cradling a precious cargo, his notebook for this case. He’d only been working on the case for a few days, but it was already mostly full, and there were plenty of thoughts circling around his mind just none particularly helpful. Kyle’s frown was warmed by the setting sun, but he fought the growing smile as he scratched the stubble invading his chin. He turned to lean against the railing as he reviewed the facts he had recorded. There were a lot of things that might be useful, but he didn’t have the central thread to pull it all together, yet. And he was running out of time to help his client.

Except for the latest fact, sighing Kyle tapped his pencil on the new lead and hoped that his friend would be able to run the test quickly. He slipped his pencil into his shirt pocket as he put his notebook back into his pocket, then Kyle grabbed his phone, so to call the lab to see if there was an update, but before he could unlock it a call from his office came in...

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Captain Marvel

I have been a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe dating back to its inception with Iron Man, so I get excited about every film that comes out. Now I remember all of the emotions that were swirling in me at the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War’s, despite intellectually knowing that it would happen. But when the film’s final post-credit scene ended with Nick Fury’s pager falling through his disintegrating fingers, I got excited with the teasing of Captain Marvel. Many things went through my mind, but the biggest was why not before, and so I’ve been eagerly waiting to get the backstory. And we finally got the answers we were waiting for, and then some.

Going in I knew the film was going to take place in the mid-nineties and it would be Carol Danvers origin, and these stories can be a lot of fun, if not a little overdone...

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Junkyard Hunt

Groggy Lucas was thrown to the ground in front of a junkyard entrance by his kidnapper. He sat upon the ground dumbfounded as he listened to the man’s blunt words, “I’ll give you a full minute head start.”

Blinking at the bright light of the sun, Lucas dumbfoundedly asked, “What?”

The stranger leaned over Lucas and spoke clearly, “Run.”

“What?” Lucas asked as he tried to steady himself as he lay upon the ground.

The man shouldered his rifle, pulling out a handgun and fired at the ground next to Lucas, who was shocked to full awareness...

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