Harrison & Sylvia Part One

Harrison & Sylvia is finally ready for publication. The particular journey has been a long yet wondrous one. Ever since these characters sprang to life in my mind, their stories have been lurking in my mind just waiting for me to transcribe them. And now that I have finished penning these tales I will be publishing these twelve short stories once a month throughout the year. These stories will detail the lives of Harrison and Sylvia and how they meet. Come read the beginning of their journey...

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Veiled Vision

Bethany was having an outstanding day, she was enjoying her family’s mini-vacation at the beach. Today was the last day of their trip, and so she was walking along the shoreline for the last time. Bethany took comfort as the waves lapped up against her legs and the salt-laden wind nipped at her unbound hair when her bare foot stepped upon something hard. With her mind racing, she bent down and quickly dug out what her foot had fallen on.

When the object broke through the wet sand, she was excited to find a pair of sunglasses. She gently lifted the solid frames from the sand, letting the incoming waves clean the clinging sand from it. She looked around, but there were only a few people, and they were far away, so she lifted her prize, peering through them to see if they were prescription ones. When her vision didn’t distort, she smiled enjoying the greyed expansive waters.

She quickly rubbed the lenses dry with the edge of her shirt before she put them on...

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Blood of Tyrants

As Crucible of Gold came to a close, the British detachment led by Laurence and Temeraire managed to help appease the Tswana dragons by claiming the French dragon transports, the Polonaise and the Maréchal, allowing them to go home. After that Laurence was approached by Gong Su, Temeraire’s cook that Laurence hired way back during the events of Black Powder War. The cook revealed himself to be a servant of Prince Mianning, the heir-apparent to China. He presented a letter to Laurence and suggested that Laurence should return to visit his adoptive father to discuss Napoleon’s ongoing conquest. And of course Hammond, ever looking to improve the relations between China and Brittain agreed that they should go.

Now with everything that Laurence and Temeraire have gone through, it is hard to imagine what Naomi Novik might put them through in Blood of Tyrants. However within moments of cracking the book the new struggles are painted vividly as Laurence awakens on shores of Japan with no knowledge of himself...

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Tarian sauntered through the forest with his detachment with no signs of any of his people that went missing during the assault. He reached for his radio and depressed the button calling out to Keldon. “Hey Kel, have you had any luck over there?”

“No love on our route.” Came the stoic response from Tarian’s friend. “I think we have to call the search.”

“No, we need to keep looking, Kel,” Tarian replied with weariness bleeding into his tone...

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The Guardian of Bridges

Once upon a time, there were two neighborhood friends, a boy and girl, who loved to play and wander through the snow-covered woods behind their homes. In fact, the pair spent so much of their free time in these woods that they knew them better than they knew their own homes. Their parents only had one rule regarding this favored playground, they had to stay close to those homes. Unfortunately, this day both children were too eager to explore the full extent of their domain. While they were investigating, they eventually came across a stream flowing through their snow-topped forest playground. The girl looked at the boy and asked, “Where did this stream come from?”

“I have no idea,” the boy replied as he stared at the calm surface of the stream, absorbed by its simplistic beauty. After a few moments of silence, he looked towards his friend saying, “But we should cross it and see where it goes...

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