Nick of Time

Rushing to the precious center of a section of the wall, Tarian grabbed one of the rifles of the dead still lining the failing wall. He bent down, and a tear threatened to escape, but he forced the emotions down. He could grieve for the dead later. Tarian wished that the dead could have been given the respect they deserved, but they couldn’t spare the manpower. As a result, bodies and their rifles littered the walls.

With burning, hatred, Tarian popped up and fired upon the advancing horde. After getting a couple of shots off, he spun back under the meager protection the wall presented him. After a couple of moments, he turned toward a hole in the wall, and he could see the undulating mass below. Tarian brought his weapon to bear upon the swirling mass of body and sinew...

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Jettison Beaching

Nathaniel stood on the beach of the closest continent. As the waves lapped up against the man’s legs, he watched as bodies flowed out of the Novus into this strange new world. Some headed away from the claimed shore.

Someone tapped on Nathaniel’s shoulder, and the man’s head turned around and saw his friend, Marcus, standing behind him. Marcus stepped closer to his friend and pointed at the raft coming towards the shore...

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“Where is he?” Caitlin asked as she glared at the empty seat as she tapped at her desk.

Looking up from his papers, Quinn sighed. Glancing over to his friend, he muttered a response. “Malark knows how much his tardiness annoys you.”

“Excuse me?” Caitlin asked as she leveled an icy glare at the other triumvir.

“Why do you think he’s constantly late?” Quinn asked with a lopsided grin.

“Is it too much to ask for a little decorum from him?”

“No, but at the same time if you just left it alone, he would stop wasting our time...

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As Amelia’s feet carried her forward, she tugged at her hood to keep the rain from pummeling the top of her head. When her foot came down on a patch of rain-slicked earth, her foot slid, causing her to stumble. As Amelia fell, she reached out and kept herself from collapsing to the ground. With a steadying breath, she reclaimed her feet and stood to survey the field. With her path chosen Amelia probed at the swatch of earth to find a sturdier tail.

As she traveled the firmer ground, Amelia raised her hand to let the raindrops fall upon her palm. As each droplet collided with her palm, her skin rippled absorbing the drop like a stone thrown upon a clear lake...

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First Sight

Placing his hand on his chest, Rylan tried to force his raging stomach to settle. As his fingers went through the motions of lacing up his boots, his mind kept returning to the fact that according to the long-range sensors Laria was another dead world. Yet there was another planet in this system that teemed with life, and he couldn’t explain it.

As he finished tying his shoes, Cederic sat down next to him. “How are you holding up Rylan?”

Rylan sighed as he wet his cracking lips with his tongue. “I’m doing pretty well...

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