First Impressions

Darren Gilbert is now a student at the Academy. One of his teachers deposits him in front of his room and leaves without introducing Darren to his roommate. Maxwell Creegan is a Dwarf, unfortunately, the last dwarf Darren met was his bully, Dolmen...

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Dueling Wizards

Wrapping his hand in incandescent blue light, Marc throws the ball at his pursuer. Thomas managed to use his talent to catch the strike and throw it into the sky. As the ball rushed past the tops of the trees, it burst the resulting explosion threw concentric azure rings into the night sky. The detonation caught Thomas’s attention, and he took a step away from his quarry. Amplifying his voice, he said, “You’re talented, but you won’t escape me.”

Pausing his flight, Marc retorted, “Don’t get cocky, Thomas.” Turning around slowly, Marc wiped at the pooling blood on his cheek. Looking down at his hand, Marc’s initial comment died on his lips. Lifting his eyes, Marc saw the hunger behind Thomas’s eye. “Just because you’ve caught every rouge you’ve ever hunted, doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to catch me...

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Transition to Wattpad

A few months back, one of my friends suggested that I should look at NaNoWriMo. After my examination, I joined the site, and I’m planning on using November to fully flesh out an upcoming project. I’m eagerly looking forward to this experience, and while I examined the site, I stumbled upon Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m currently in the middle of this year’s Camp, and I am having a blast working on Hero Call. While working on my camp project, I stumbled upon the camp’s sponsors, one of which is Wattpad...

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NYC Midnight 2019 First Entry

I learned about NYC Midnight’s Annual Flash Fiction Challenge this past September. And after having experimented with the format, I got excited about taking part in the competition. Unfortunately for me, this contest begins in July, which meant that I missed out on the opportunity to flex my muscles in the contest last year. Looking at the varied prompts in the first list for participating writers, I knew that I would need to practice. As a result, I decided to take advantage of those prompts by picking random ones and giving myself forty-eight hours to complete my story...

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“We’re over the ships, Cederic,” Sybell said as she swiveled away from her consoles.

“Excellent,” Cederic answered, bringing the shuttle to a near motionless hover. “Have we figured anything else out, yet?”

“No,” Sybell droned, returning her attention to the consoles.

Cederic ground his teeth but managed to ask, “How deeply are they buried?”

“Fortunately, the ships are close to the surface” Sybell chirped. “We should be able to dig a path to them quickly...

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