Drawing Thin Update

Journeys are all about the experience. No matter where you are going or what you are doing the trip will always be a part of the experience. When I published Dead Man’s Hand, I remember being on cloud nine at every major milestone...

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Harrison & Sylvia Part Four

Last month we witnessed one of Harrison’s mad scientist moments, while he was studying a relic. This month the spotlight shifts back to Sylvia, who last we saw saved the life of her employer, pouncing on the would-be assassin. It turned out that the man was irate over what the king did to his sibling. And when the dust settled from the attempt, the king ordered the man’s execution...

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Final Stop

As the craft’s journey drew to the end of its trip, the doctors examined Rylan for the last time. Sitting on the edge of an examination bed, Rylan’s fingers were tapping away. So far not one of the crews who landed on either Latria or Medicia developed radiation sickness. Rylan suspected that he was the only member of the landing parties to receive this level of care. As time dragged on the captain’s voice boomed through the intercoms. “We’re about three hours from the Larian system. Any member of the crew that has made planetfall, report to sickbay immediately.”

Bouncing his head side to side, Rylan glanced at the doctor hiding behind a console. “Well doc, can you finish up my exam before you get slammed with the last minute rush...

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A couple of months after championing the cry to settle on this world, Caitlin began to wonder if she made a mistake. The typical plans quickly failed with trying to settle every settler on the planet, and that created an irate and argumentative people. Every time Caitlin attempted to advance the common goals of some group with their own agenda would block her progress. As a result, the lofty goals that should’ve unified the fledgling world seemed just as unattainable as the day they lost Laria. Looking around the chamber, Caitlin shook her head in awe of the number of people who somehow managed to force themselves into the room, each trying to argue their point. She recognized so many faces and knew them all to be hard workers, but something changed in them. As she slumped in her chair, her mind sought an answer, but she kept circling back to the fact everything changed, which sparked a fear that spread like wildfire throughout Aurora...

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Dwarven Aid

After a long night of searching a tired and nervous Caleb stopped when he came upon a place he could sit and rest his feet. As he relaxed, he deliberately began pulling his weaponry out and giving it a thorough examination. So far as Caleb tried to follow the path when he last crossed paths with the Dwarves all he managed to do was avoid vicious wildlife. With each successful examination, Caleb returned the weapon he found that his nerves calmed down. Once finished Caleb got to his feet and continued his attempt at following the path his last hunt. Unfortunately, this world’s terrain was still too familiar, but Caleb knew the colony required him to succeed in his assignment. With a sigh of frustration, Caleb resumed his search.

As the day wore on Caleb rubbed at his eyes as he forced himself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He needed to find the dwarves, he knew that without their aid the settlement couldn’t stand up to the massing threat...

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